Monday, February 27, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

After we were done with the flu, we had to pay a visit to our sweet Ella B! These 2 love to sit on the window sill side by side. (She's sitting, he's standing..he's not THAT much bigger than she is.) While they were sitting there Bo looked at me and said, "Cheese!" So I had to take their picture as requested! I love the way Ella is looking at him. I posted about this sweet little friendship last week. You can read it here.

Mama got a Sunday afternoon to herself, so Daddy and Uncle G were left in charge. While I was getting dressed in my room, I heard G reading to Bo on the monitor. I snuck back in there to get this sweet pic. Few and far between moments like this for 'ol G! Bo has a way of getting what he wants, though. ;)

Another play date will Ella B and Can-Can (Tan Tan as Bo says). Canon rode those 2 on the lawnmower for 30 minutes. All around the was pretty comical and the babies loved it!

Bo's babysitter got sick so he got to spend the day with Oma. I got this pic after they paid a visit to Wal-Mart.

Pop Pop has taught Bo how to blow the duck call. He LOVES it. Mama said when he spent the night a few weeks ago he stood up in his bed on Saturday morning doing his hand on his mouth saying Pop Pop. Nothing like a 6 am wake up (duck) call!

Bo is also loving this Mickey hat. I bought it for him because he is obsessed with wearing his daddy's hat, so I thought he'd like one of his own. And he does! I can't believe he leaves it on for any length of time, but he does!

 Sunday afternoon we ate cake and ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to our Tuck. Ella B was there for the fun, too!

This just makes me laugh.

So Court and I leave the babies alone with their daddies for no less than an hour and I get this picture. Bo on a roof. Well, he didn't get up there by himself, now did he? No, Canon and Colby pushed the trampoline up next to the house and were climbing on the roof and jumping back onto the trampoline. I'm told the babies thought it was hilarious and Bo kept wanting to get up there, so he got his wish.
He has 0 fear. And I guess Colby does as well.

And might I add, *TA-DA!* I got a blog design & I just love it! When I started this blog, I gave myself a requirement of one month of blogging to #1 see if I stuck with it and #2 give myself time to check out other blogs and look around for a design I liked. I recently started reading That Inspired Chick and thought her design was too cute! She pointed me in the direction of the very lovely Kelsey. And everything was SO EASY! If you're looking for a new design I highly, HIGHLY recommend Kelsey. She's basically the Fairy Godmother of blog design.

Also, if you aren't new around here, you realize that I've renamed my blog. I just think 'blogging it' is more fitting, because if I'm thinking it, experiencing it, or believing it, then I'm blogging it, too!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tucker is 13!

Today, I’m skipping the traditional Friday Favorite post because it is my very FAVORITE sister’s birthday!

My baby sister, Tucker Claire, is 13. She’s officially a teenager and I feel like a really proud mom.

But, 13?!?

I was 13 when she was born. And she was just 4 and waking me up every night to walk her to mama and daddy's room because she too scared to go by herself.

I prayed very hard for a sister, for a very long time it seemed. I’ll never forget the day my mom found out Tucker was to be a girl. We’d talked about this doctor’s appointment for weeks and all of us were eagerly anticipating the results. Well, my parents and I were, the boys really didn’t care. Anyway, Mom told me she would come to school and tell me the news once she found out. I was sitting in my 7th grade Language class when the front office buzzed for me to come up there. When I walked in, mom grabbed my hands and said, “I don’t want you to be disappointed and cry so come outside with me.” Unfortunately she was smiling too much for me to REALLY believe her. So we were walking outside to her car and all of a sudden the back window rolled down and a huge “IT’S A GIRL!” balloon came flying out. We clapped and cheered for a few minutes and then I had to go back to class, but I was so pumped! And all my friends were anxiously waiting to hear the news, too.

Tucker is pretty much like my first baby that isn’t really my baby. We have the sister relationship that I always hoped for, but it’s also a little different because of our age difference. She used to really, really love me and follow me and want to do everything with me. Now that she’s all grown up, she thinks I’m stupid a lot, but I’m less embarrassing than our mom. We didn't have the typical sister fights over clothes, jewelry, make-up and what not, but over stuff like not eating what I cooked for her while mama was gone. That seems weird, but it's true. (Her insides are probably made up of Pop-Tarts and Mac and Cheese.)

After my high school graduation and Tucker's Pre-K graduation, mama took us to a celebratory Taylor Swift concert.

With our age difference, you wouldn’t expect us to be as close as we are, or to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. But we are. I was there for her first dance recitals and beauty pageants, I helped her learn to swim and drive. She loved going to pick out prom, homecoming and of course, the wedding dress with me. She was THE most excited person when I told her I was engaged, she loved visiting me at college and watching me graduate. Although college was sad for both of us. I can’t tell you the Sundays that she cried when I would leave (and I would, too.) When it was Thanksgiving or Christmas break, she would ask how many Sundays I had left before I had to leave again. Needless to say, she was as excited as I was at my college graduation!

Riding home with me after college graduation. My car was full of apartment junk and excitement.

Tucker is not a girly girl, yet she likes to do her make-up and dress up. I’d say she’s pretty well rounded as far as being girly and also hanging with the boys. She’s the baby, so she’s used to playing catch up to everyone else and will not stand for being left out. Colby and my brothers can get her to do anything for them because she’s afraid she’ll miss something if she doesn’t. For example, Colby might say “Hey, Bailey, you want to help me move some chicken pens?” My response is a definite no. But Tucker? Yep, she’s in. And 30 minutes later when she comes back, she’s looking for drinks and a snack that somebody requested she get for them.

I can’t really tell you what Tucker loves and what she doesn’t love, because she’s pretty much game for whatever anybody’s doing. Except trying new foods; she’s a super picky eater. And she’d rather skip the movie theater and ‘do something fun,’ instead. She’s a great babysitter; she’s a baby lover like every other girl in our family. Countless times we’ve been going to visit someone with a baby and in the car she’ll say, “I’m holding the baby first, Bailey, and don’t take him/her away after 5 minutes.” And she’ll still argue that it hasn’t been long enough after 15 minutes.

And Bo. Bo and Tucker are a whole other sweet thing that I just love.

All of my friends love her. I mean, she was just always there. Hangin’ out…being Tuck. Yes, sometimes it was annoying, but not always. Her presence always insured entertainment.

She’s got her own style and she’s my go-to when I need to know if something looks good or not. She’s the best shopping partner because, like me, we don’t like to waste time. (Our mom will spend an hour on one aisle and then circle back to it two more times before she’s ready to go.) She’s honest and she’s sensitive. She’s sweet and she’s tough. She’s the best little sister I could’ve ever imagined and I’m so glad she’s mine. I just can’t believe she’s 13. 

Happy Birthday, Tuck. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ella & Bo

There are many perks to being pregnant alongside your best friend. You can compare notes on things such as stretch marks and acid reflux, crazy raging hormone stories, what does and does not work for nausea and thoughts about punching your husband in the face. You have someone who understands exactly what you’re going through at the exact same time. Pregnant/Mom veterans are always great to have around, but having someone walking through the muddy waters with you lessens your burden A LOT. That’s part of the reason I’m thankful for Ella. Because she made her mom be a crazy pregnant woman at the same time Bo made me a crazy pregnant woman. And that is where the story of Ella and Bo began…in the womb. 
Courtney called me one day at work and told me how bad she felt, how sore her boobs were and that she was 3 days late. I immediately began hop skipping around and telling her she was pregnant. We made a plan that she would come to my house and take the test. So she did, and then she made me read the results. She started crying and I started screaming. It was so fun! 
2 months later, I called her, told her how my boobs were sore, and I was late. I really didn’t think I was pregnant, but she convinced me to take a test. At her house. 1 hour before my Christmas work party. So, I did, and I was pregnant. We had the same freak out sesh at her house as we had had at mine 2 months prior. Then, I had to go to the party for 2 hours and pretend life was normal. Talk about a mess. 
So, time rolled on, and we found out about Ella being an Ella and Bo being a Bo. We planned, cried, and vomited our way through the next 7 months together. And then we met sweet Ella. Courtney and I agreed at the start of all this that we would each be in the room when Bo and Ella were born. We had done pregnancy together, couldn't leave each other hangin' for labor and delivery!

Although, Courtney made labor and delivery look like running 3 miles would’ve been more daunting. Seriously, the girl didn’t even break out in sweat. Her hair was still curled and her make up flawless. And she had the most beautiful baby girl with the biggest bright eyes.
I’m so thankful Courtney and Canon let me share in that life changing experience with them. It was truly something I’ll never forget.

Then 2 months later, it was my turn. But, Bo was not as pushy to enter this world as Ella had been. He was content to keep on cooking. After being induced and an overnight wait in the hospital, nothing was happening. Bo was born via c-section and it was perfect for us. (Seriously, I had a dream c-section and recovery.)


Another great perk about being pregnant alongside your best friend is that you not only have someone to share in your pregnancy with, but also someone to go through Mommyhood with as well. Which lasts a whole lot longer than being pregnant. ;)

Just like every pregnancy is very different, so is every baby. Ella had trouble with acid reflux at first and didn’t breastfeed. Bo was a breastfeeding champ. Ella slept through the night at 8 weeks and Bo got the hang of it around 12 months. Bo was more ‘flexible’ as Courtney once said, about sleeping, whereas Ella did the best with the same routine and circumstances. (Bo would sleep on the beach and *sometimes* in the car, and I could also rock him to sleep.) Ella preferred to be laid down with a noise machine and left alone with no distractions. Ella likes the nursery at church, and Bo thinks I’ve abandoned him forever.

But while they are different, Courtney and I knew we could call on each other for advice, venting sessions, doctor visits, etc. And more often than not, one of us was saying, “Yep, he/she did that and then we did this and this happened.” Or, one of us is freaking out about something and the other has to tell her to

Another reason I love little Ella B? She makes Bo so happy. When those 2 are together, they will play and play. (And fight over cups/shoes/toys, but mostly play.) Courtney and I have both called on each other to come over and play when Ella or Bo was just having a day. And as soon as they are together, smooth sailing.

When we pull out of the drive way, Bo will say, “Ella?” (Pronounced Eh-ya.) Like, “Are we going to Ella’s house?” And Courtney says as soon as she pulls in our driveway Ella screams, “BoBo!!” When you ask Ella what her name is she says, “BoBo.” I have one of Ella’s pink cups at our house and if I give it Bo with juice he always points to it and nods saying “Ella,” until I tell him that yes, that Ella’s cup.
Ella is like the little mama and Bo the kid who’s always up to something. We’ve been out to eat and Bo would do something like throw food on the floor and Ella will point at him saying, “Uh Uh. No no!”

I’m afraid one day they are going to get in trouble and the response we will get when we ask why they did this or that will be, “Bo told me to.” Because right now, Ella watches every move he makes and then usually follows suit. (Except for the throwing food part, she can dip her fries in ranch more meticulously than the Queen of England.)

While Court and I were pregnant, we talked about how we hoped our babies would grow to be friends and love each other. While we prayed it would work out the way we wanted it to, I don’t think either of us expected it to be as sweet as it is.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: February 2017

How is it possible that it's already the last Wednesday of February?!
I feel more like it was Flubruary, but whatever.
So, What's Up this Wednesday?

What We're Eating This Week

This is far from a great picture of food...but I love this stuff for several reasons.
1. It all cooks in one dish...less mess!
2. It's Mexican.
3. It's not terrible for you. (Probably not gonna help you lose weight but it's better than something fried, right?)
I saw this dish on FB a while ago and I've been making it regularly since.
1 package chicken breast strips
4 Bell Peppers (I use all the colors because it just looks pretty)
1/2 an onion
1 package Fajita seasoning
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 box of Mexican cheese rice (optional)

So, cut up all your peppers and onion and throw them in a 9x13 baking dish. Then toss in your uncooked chicken strips and sprinkle in your fajita seasoning. Next, drizzle it all with EVOO. (Don't drown the pan in it.) Now toss it all together and voila! Cover with tin foil and bake at 350 for 40-45 mins. *I've found it's even tastier when you make the dish and refrigerate it for 4 hours or so.

I cook the Mexican cheese rice about 10 minutes before the Fajita's are done, and then scoop out several spoonfuls of that and place the Fajita fillings on top. Adding sour cream is yummy, too!

What I'm Reminiscing About

I've been thinking about the Baby Days of Bo a lot lately, so yesterday I posted about them. How did they pass by so quickly?! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this toddler, talking, interacting stage right now, but I do miss the sweet snuggles of a newborn. Snuggling requires still-ness. Bo doesn't have much still-ness these days.

What I'm Loving

Well, since last week was the week of L-O-V-E; I posted about things I Love to Love. If you'd like, you can read about them here. (Hint: That movie is on the list.) ;)

What I'm Dreading

Nothing at the moment!

What I'm Working On

Colby has decided to make an effort to eat better, or more "aware-ly" if you will, and I'm trying to do the same. Not really calling it a diet, just being more aware of what I'm (We're) eating. It's a lot easier to do with someone than alone and ya know...'Tis the almost season...almost swimsuit season that is.

What I'm Excited About

Please notice the time on this screenshot. 7:14 AM. On a Saturday. Bo slept until 7:14 AM..the latest to date. Colby and I are both super excited about this and are hoping our boy is learning to sleep in!!

What I'm Watching/Reading

Well, of course I'm watching this. It's become my favorite. Yes, over all the TGIT shows. I love Jack. I'm really starting to love Kevin. But Toby, Toby is perfection.

And I'm reading this. I've talked about it once on here before, and it's worth bringing up again. I'm really, really enjoying it. I'll be ordering another study from her as soon as I finish this one.

I'm on the cliff's very edge of ordering this. I've read a few from her and I enjoyed them very much. Have any of you read this one and would you recommend it?

What I'm Listening To

(Chantal Kreviazuk)After I watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Tucker a few weeks ago, I downloaded this song. And I've listened to it 1,000 times since then. I think it's a song that can have a few different meanings, depending on the listener.

What I'm Wearing

Well, well, well. Hey there, prettiness. Last month, I posted about Erimish bracelets and I was pretty certain I'd have a stack soon. And guess what my sweet husband surprised me with on Valentine's Morning? Yep, the very one I wanted. I was very surprised, because we don't celebrate a traditional Valentine's Day, and Bo had the flu and I kind of forgot all about it, soooo it was really extra sweet to wake up to.

What I'm Doing this Weekend

Celebrating my baby sister's 13th birthday!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Colby will celebrate his birthday and *hopefully* we'll get to take an early anniversary get away to the Sweetest Little Island in the South. ;)

What Else is New
I think we've covered it all!

Happy, Happy Hump Day!!!

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