Friday, November 24, 2017

October 2017

Somehow I blinked and October happened. It was a really long blink, because A LOT happened in those 31 days! 

 We started off with our annual trip to the fair and everything was wonderful to Bo--even things we see everyday. I guess because these things were in a different place it just made them better. 
 I knew Bo would be excited to see the cows, but I didn't expect him to as excited as he was considering we have cows in our backyard. However, we don't have black and white cows, and are never this up close and peronal to them for a long amount of time--so maybe that was the difference? 

 "You see that poop?" Just a guess at what their talking about. :) 

 3 sweet boys! 

The next week, I got to go to the Garth Brooks concert at the new Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. It was the first concert to be held in this stadium and neither Garth nor the stadium disappointed. It was so neat! 

 Then the next week, I was in my best friend's wedding! It was a destination wedding on Hilton Head Island and it could not have been more beautiful. You always hear the cliche saying about wearing your bridesmaid dress to other events, but I sure hope I get to! It was a perfect weekend spent celebrating my life long friend and her hubby. 
All the girls before the big event!

Those 3 to the right of me are my forever friends. We grew up together and when we are all together, it's just as it always has been. I love them so much! 

And then after the wedding, it was back home to Halloween!

 Bo is obsessed with dinosaurs. Like, that is all we have. We watch Jurassic Park, The Good Dinosaur, and Land Before Time on repeat. He knows the names, we have to roar at each other and build our nests so the baby dinos can hatch. We are all in. So Halloween was easy. One dino costume and done. And it's the best costume I've ever bought because he wears it at least once everyday. 
 Bo the dino and Ella the pup. I love how she's looking at him! Don't let her fool you, she's the boss. :) 

 We have a group picture each Halloween. This is how 99 of the pictures look.

 And this is the one where at least all the grown ups were looking. 

October blew by, and now we are well on our way to Christmas! It's true what they say, babies don't keep and time just gets faster.  

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Catching Up.

It has been one hot minute since I've been able to think about blogging anything! 
Colby and I both started new jobs (Yay!) and Bo began staying at a new babysitter (not as big of yay for him in the beginning but he's adjusted now). No major life changes or big news to report, just normal busy-ness happening. 
My last post was about our Framily Vacay, so I need to finish up the summer! 

After our vacation with the Hutcheson's, my mom, grandma, sister, Bo and I headed BACK to the beach for an extended weekend. We didn't ocean front this time, but instead in a neat little place right next to a pond full of ducks and their babies. We took walks every afternoon and fed the duckies til they wouldn't eat anymore. Bo loved that! 

 The one and only night we all got dressed and went out to eat, I took Bo down to the beach to try to get some cute pictures. I succeeded. :) 

 This was my favorite John-John this year. Bo was all into Mickey at this point and I won't be able to get away with these outfits much longer (if at all) so I wanted some pictures of him in it.

 I feel the exact same when I get to the beach as well. :)

Once we got home from that trip, we blinked and it was the week before school and time to celebrate Bo's 2nd birthday. His birthday isn't until the end of August, but I wanted to get it done before we were in the back to school rush. 

 We celebrated with Mickey and all our gang! Bo absolutely loves to blow out any candles and we had been practicing the birthday song for a month leading up to this. As a little girl, I was terrified and cried and when people sang to me, and I didn't want that for him. So we practiced & the practice paid off! Now, when Bo sees a candle he asks to light and then waits for someone to sing the birthday song before blowing it out. 

We love our big 2 year old boy! 

 And our boy LOVED the cake this year! Last year he wouldn't touch it but this year, he was ALL about it! 

And then, we took our family pictures/Bo's 2nd year pictures. 
I could post my favorite 30 but I'll just stick with my favorite 5. 
I think they speak for themselves. 

Here's to hoping I can get back to blogging more regularly & get around to posting about our Fall before Christmas gets here!
Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Framily Vacay: SSI 2017

Our 2nd Annual Framily Beach Vacation is in the books!
Last year, we had so much fun beaching it with the Hutcheson's, we decided we needed to do it again this year. 
Our Stipulations:
We must stay on Oceanfront property.
We must have fun.
Check! Check!

Though we were living in closer quarters than what we were used to, (6 of us in one condo!) it was fun. The babies really enjoyed each other and kept each other entertained. Only a few hits and snatches thrown in over our 5 day stay. 

I can't write pages about our trip, because we pretty much did the same thing everyday.
Eat. Play. Beach. Pool. Sleep. Eat. Sleep.
We may have changed up that routine a bit, but not much! 
So for the most part, this post is pictures.
Unfortunately we only had 1 super sunny day, the other 4 contained rain at some point. Only one of those days was the rain an inconvenience. To be expected when the weather guys are calling for the busiest Hurricane season in years! 
A rainy day at the beach is still a day at the beach, however. :)
Ella B & Bo loaded up for the beach haul!

Ella B showing off her selfie taking skills. 
Girlfriend even posted to her mama's snapchat story.

Bo has become enamored with dinosaurs this summer. In an effort to introduce him to something besides Mickey Mouse, I played Jurassic World for him one day. He LOVES it. Now, we watch that  435,634,545 a day. We'll be watching and he'll say, "Something is going to happen!" And we are working on a dinosaur collection as we speak. We had like 3 on this trip and that's he and Colby playing with some. 

Being a stinker when Courtney told him to smile at her! He'd smile but would not look at her.

"Love Ella, Bo."
He goes for it and she rejects him.

"See ya later, guys!" 
Literally what Bo says everytime he says bye now. 

Our one and only out to eat night. Also, our one and only family pictures.

The Hutcheson's.

One of my most favorite outfits. I bought this for him when he was 4 months old and I was afraid he was going to outgrow it before he ever got to wear it. It fits, but not for long.

Love our Ellabees!

He wants to be moving and she's content to ride. #whateverworks

Vacations always pass too quickly for me. We've been planning this trip for 6 months and now it's done. No worries, there's always next year. (Or next month. :))