Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Pictures

I think this Show and Tell Tuesday topic is the one I've been most excited about. I LOVE pictures! When I make a new friend I want to see pictures of their entire life; babyhood to weddings and everything in between. I can't wait to look through the link-up at everyone's pictures today! A picture is truly worth a thousand words. 

And I should tell you that I'm not abiding by the 'Top 5 Picture' rule. 
Sorry. :)
There is no possible way I could limit myself to 5 favorite pictures. I mean, I could, but that decision would come after days of deliberation. Sooo, I have made 2 categories for today.
Category 1: Top 10 Professional Pictures (All taken by Brandi.)
Category 2: Top 10 Personal Pictures
And these are just Bo pictures. I couldn't throw in childhood, college, and wedding, too. (I do admit I have a slight problem when asked to pick my favorite anything. Except fast food. My favorite is always Chick-Fil-a.)

Top 10 Professional Pictures
 I have this on canvas in black and white. I will forever be wishing to go back to this cuddly newborn for some more sweet snuggles.

 The blanket that is in the basket was made for Bo by my grandma. I have numerous outfits sewn by her and one of her traditions was sewing a blanket for each grandchild. The blankets were always kept secret until the babies were born and then she would gift them at the hospital. I was so excited to see what Bo's would look like. I'm so very thankful that he has one. 

 Bo at 8 months.

 Something I love about Brandi is that she always manages to capture "Bo." The little finger is in his mouth, the expression in the picture above-are just so him at that age. And we were only there 30 minutes!! She's magical. 

 Bo at 1 year. 

 His hair was so long and those curls....

I could kiss the fat right off those cheeks! 

Top 10 Personal Pictures
 This was taken while I was still on maternity leave after a poop that required bathing to be cleaned. I have it framed in my living room. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite, it would probably be my #1. I can't believe I was able to capture this moment. (And it was taken on my phone!)

 Our Christmas card 2015. 

 Easter 2016

I love this for so many reasons.
1. It was taken on our first Mother's Day.
2. It was also the day both babies were dedicated to the church.
3. Courtney and I showed up in almost identical dresses. (They were the same color.)
4. Look at those babies smiling at each other! Total love.

 Another totally spontaneous and can't believe I captured it moment. "Where's the bird, Bo?" 

 My favorite family picture to date because we are all smiling. First time for everything!

 And I melt...

 Going for a Christmas card in 2016....I love it!

And the next 2 are my top 2 favorite funny pictures. Because you always go for the perfect, smiling, everybodylook, wearealmostdone shot, but these turn out to be the ones you look and laugh at most. 

 Ella did NOT want to sit by Bo anymore. She was done. And instead of rescue her, we laughed and took 10 more pictures. Bo just didn't understand.

This is real life. Well, actually, no it's probably not. If it were really real life, only one grown up would be smiling. And it wouldn't be a mom. 

So, those are some of my very favorite Bo pictures. I'm still having a hard time committing to this as the final decision. I hate picking favorites!! But I loved looking through all my pictures from the past year and a half and laughing and reminiscing. And Thank the good Lord I have so many, because if not I may not remember half of it. 

This post is part of a link up done with Andrea!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And then I met Bo...

I had never washed and dried a remote/diaper/pair of glasses/sippy cup....and then I met Bo.
I didn't know what good insurance was....and then I met Bo.
I didn't know singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle' as loud as possible could ever bring peace (or sleep!) to another....and then I met Bo.

 I didn't know Mickey Mouse had so many friends and songs....and then I met Bo.
I had never fished a toothbrush/hairbrush/remote/paci out of the potty.....and then I met Bo.
I didn't know there were so many tasks I was capable of completing in the dark....and then I met Bo.

I never imagined I'd worry about my kid's feet....and then I met Bo.
I never imagined I'd worry so much about everything....and then I met Bo.
I didn't know the real struggle of Daylight Savings time....and then I met Bo. (On a real note, when is a President gonna do something about THAT dilemma?!)

I never thought I'd opt out of simple things like TGIT shows and eating in favor of sleep....and then I met Bo.
I wasn't aware the human body could actually function on so little sleep...and then I met Bo.
I had no idea the beach would be so much better experiencing it with my baby......and then I met Bo.

I had no idea that every experience would be so much better with my baby.....and then I met Bo.
I didn't expect something as simple as going to Sunday School would pose such a problem to a little person....and then I met Bo. (Boy has WAY too much stranger danger senses. Whatever, he just really loves his mama.)
I had never experienced heart burn....and then I met Bo. (Well, actually no, I hadn't met him yet.)
I never knew there were so many things that ended in -itis.....and then I met Bo.

I never thought someone so small could teach me so much....and then I met Bo.
I didn't know that another person would deepen my love for my husband....and then I met Bo.
I didn't know so much of my heart was missing.....and then I met Bo.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


 Like every other afternoon, we spent Friday outside and visited some of Bo's favorite things: the chickens. He's holding a 4 week old chick here and it just cracks me up!  He looks so big and so serious about it. He ran after those things for 10 minutes determined to catch one before Colby helped him out. Our little chicken man!

 Saturday was slow and easy...just how I like it! We ran errands as a family and while I was doing something or other, Bo and Daddy were being 'Cool Dudes.' That's what Bo says now when sees sunglasses, "Cool dude!" And then insists that he wear them. 

 Sarturday night we celebrated a friend's 30th birthday. Courtney and I were party/potty partners. Friends don't let friends go alone. ;)

 While we were gone, Bo spent the night at Oma's. I got this snap from Uncle Buddy when I asked if Bo was asleep yet......
Apparently he was on his way to sleep when the Uncles interrupted and deemed him ''not ready." 

And because we never take a pic without a kid; we did just that! Love these people.

Short & sweet but isn't every weekend?!
Courtney and I saw Beauty & The Beast on Sunday and yes, I teared up a little. 
And the tale as old as time in the Bryant household continues to be that a sickness hits on a Sunday...
Colby came down with the stomach bug Sunday night. (Just in time for his birthday yesterday!)
Fingers crossed Mr. Bo and I skip out this time.