Monday, January 30, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

Here's a little peak into Life in the Land of Bo over the last week or so..

We took a family trip to Wal-Mart; I walked away to grab wipes and came back to this. Bo loved that hat!

A normal weekend morning at the Bryant house..Bo in 'his' chair, juice in hand with a tasty breakfast of Scooby snacks while watching Mickey.

Uncle G taught Bo how to drink from the dog's water bowl. Sound effects and everything.

Bo stays at a neighbor's house during the week while I'm at work. He loves playing with sweet Kenley everyday! (He thinks he's as big as she is.)

Life is hard when Mom stops pushing your swing to take a picture!

Having a tea party with Ella B!

Marking this picture as a 'W' in my book. Both babies looking at the same time!

The best thing at Oma's house is her sprinkle cabinet..
..And that's all I got!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites: Bo Edition

It's Friday Favorites: Bo Edition!

January 2017

Every once in a blue moon, I intend to make Friday Favorites all about Bo.
What is his favorite t.v show at the moment?
New Words?
And anything extra...
And today, I'm doing just that!

Bo's Favorite T.V. Show

We've loved Mickey Mouse for quite a while now. Every morning, Colby or I get Bo out of bed, change his diaper and then rock him while he drinks his milk and watches "Middie." Every night before bed, he drinks his milk and we rock and watch "Middie," until he gets really still or falls asleep. And any random time during the day he is known to ask to watch, "Middie." I've DVR'd all the new Mickey and The Roadster Racers and we've watched a few, but it doesn't compete with the clubhouse gang!

Bo's Favorite Food 

He continues to love yogurt and cheese.
And of course, a Zaxby's grilled cheese.
Still hates a pea.
Still hates a green bean.
(To the point of picking it out of his mouth when I mix it with mashed potatoes or his macaroni.)

Bo's Favorite Words

Just this week, he's learned 'potty,' (pa-tee). He loves to point to it and say it while he takes a bath each night, and shake his head yes, while saying it. As if to say, "Yes, that's the potty."
He's also started saying 'good,' after he puts anything in his mouth, and looking at me. Stick, toy, sand, or food, he'll put it in his mouth, look at me and say, "good."
He's picked up the habit of saying 'now,' after we do anything. For instance, I'll say, "Bring your shoes to me and we'll go outside." He'll go and get them and I'll put them on and he stands up and says, "Now." Like, "Now, then, we are ready."

Bo's Favorite Tricks

Doing whatever this is. Sometimes when he gets in a giggly spell, he'll start standing on his head and laughing like crazy. Or when Tucker starts doing cartwheels, he'll do this. He's very proud, he claps for himself afterwards.

Bo's Favorite Things to Do 

Jump on the trampoline and ride his tractor, or ride Pop-Pop's tractor.
He's really into jumping right now, whether it be on the trampoline, couch, bed, or me. He'll just climb up and say, "Jump, Jump, Jump," while jumping on whatever it is. He jumped straight off the couch yesterday and thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world.

Bo's Favorite Toys

He has several, of course, but the most unusual one is this.

This little clown statue was given to me by a sweet student. I keep it in a cabinet just in Bo's reach. One day, I noticed him walking around with it and then I started watching him go to the cabinet and place it either in his chair, or on one of his riding toys. When he's done with it, he always puts it back in the cabinet.

He loves to drive his clown around! I can't believe the thing isn't broken yet.

Anything Extra....
A favorite thing of mine about Bo at the moment is, Colby or I can ask him, "Where's Bailey?" or "Where's Colby?" And he will point to whomever we are asking about. Colby just randomly did this one day and we were amazed that he knew our real names! I'll tell him to say 'Bailey,' and it's just the cutest thing.
Another thing he's recently started doing when I pick him up from the babysitter, Mom's house or wherever, he will come to me and say "Mama!!" with the biggest smile and ask for me to pick him up. Then he leans into me and (sort of) hugs me and says, "Mama!!" again. Melt my heart.

Love him, so much.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

5 Things I Don't Do.

Here's a quick list of things I DON'T do well:

1.) Pain. I know, no one, 'likes' pain but I REALLY don't handle it well. I am not a tough girl, not at all. I may or may not be known for telling nurses/doctors/whoever, to "Wait, I'm just not ready," for them to start my I.V./give me a shot/prick my finger. Also, I need my hairdresser to count to 3 before removing the wax strips from my eyebrows. This is a part of myself that I have learned to embrace with open arms and I am not ashamed in the slightest.

2.) Hunger. Look, I'm all about having fun, going shopping, swimming, road trip, whatever. Just feed me first. Or let's lay out a plan of when we will be eating meals so I can plan to bring a snack if need be. I'm a much better version of myself when well fed.

3.) Wasps, Hornets, Bees, flying insects that sting. I AM TERRIFIED. My brother had to rescue you me from a hornet/wasp that was flying around my door and wouldn't let me in. And also from the one that was in my house flying around. Bo and I just patiently waited in the car. After hearing of these incidences, Colby bought me a can of Bee Bopper to keep in my purse. That does help, but I will be more prone to ask a stranger on the street to spray the stinging thing for me before I take a shot.

4.) Be hot. I'm always hot. If I'm cold, I'm sick. I was as hot natured as a menopausal woman BEFORE I got pregnant, but man, when I was pregnant (in the dead of summer, might I add!!) I felt like I was melting from the inside out. My ceiling fans run pretty much 24/7. I can walk in the room and tell when Colby has turned it off. That's what the basket full of blankets are for, beloved.

5.) The end of The Notebook. I haven't watched the end of The Notebook in, I would say, 10 years? Once Allie comes back with her suitcases and shrugs her shoulders at Noah up on the balcony, that's all folks! They lived happily ever after for years and years the end.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: January 2017

Here's to the 1st What's Up Wednesday of 2017!

What We're Eating This Week:

I'm trying my best to use new recipes from Shay at least 3 times a week! Our favorite from January is the Chicken & Ranch Pasta! I've learned I actually enjoy cooking, but only if Bo is asleep or Colby is home to entertain him..which is rare. (The boy just wants to be outside!) Thankfully, Shay has lots of easy, quick & Crock Pot (and all God's people said Amen) recipes to try.

And I know we'll also be eating this at some point:

Because we wouldn't be Bryant's if we didn't.

What I'm Reminiscing About:

Our 1st vacation as a family of 3. Beachin' It with the Hutcheson's on our favorite little island was so much fun! And all this nasty weather has me dreaming about the sun.

What I'm Loving:

Reading this book during daily quiet time. I recently finished Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, and I feel like this was the perfect follow up for me. If you're looking for some additional quiet time reads, I definitely recommend both of those!

What We've Been Up To:

Riding out those terrible storms last weekend! There were 3 life threatening storms that passed through our area this past weekend, and so preparing for the worst was what our weekend was centered around. South Ga was hit hard, but God was surely protecting our little town. On Sunday, we were watching the news as a deadly tornado ripped through a neighboring community and were told to take cover because our house was in the direct line of fire. By the sweet Grace of God, as the storm grew closer, it changed paths and seemingly broke apart until it was out of the Middle Ga area. God performs miracles every day!

What I'm Dreading:

Bo's 18 month shot visit :(

What I'm Working On:
This blog! I'm hoping I can get the hang of this thing & keep it updated with our daily life and what not.

What I'm Excited About:

Hello, Love, I'll see you tomorrow. xoxo

What I'm Watching/Reading:

Well, I just answered both of those. :)

What I'm Listening To:

This song, all the time.

What I'm Wearing:

These bracelets, whenever possible. I've got my eye on several of the stacks and it won't be long before I'm wearing them, too, I'm afraid.

What I'm Doing this Weekend:

Life with these boys. Storm free, I pray!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

Celebrating our Tuck's birthday! My baby sister, Tucker, will be 13! (The age I was when she was born.) It's a biggie, so I'm looking forward to celebrating her.

What Else Is New:
I got nothing.

Bonus Question: Who is your favorite Bachelor?

Can I have a top 3? Because this is hard!

Who didn't love Charlie?? And Sarah, too! I had all the hopes for them. Oh, well.


Jason is a good guy, I mean no offense to him when I say this. But, he makes the top 3 because of his top 3. Who didn't love Jillian, Molly and Melissa?!


Sean was by far the most genuine Bachelor, ever. It was so good to see someone who held tight to their beliefs and morals while starring in such a popular t.v. show. How could anyone NOT like him?
P.S.-I'm not really watching The Bachelor this season. I wanted it to be Luke so badly and Nick is just not my fave. He's another Juan Pablo if you ask me.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Teacher Stories

I decided to share this little story today because it's just too sweet not to. So, here's to the 1st "Teacher Story," of (hopefully) many more to come!


Every Friday, I give out prizes to each student who has 'signed in' every day that week. When my students arrive the first thing they are to do, after giving love to whoever brings them, is wash their hands and sign their name in the 'sign in' book. (Each student has a page labeled with his/her name.) I teach Pre-K, so we need all the name recognizing and writing practice we can get!
I have fraternal boy/girl twins in my class this year, and it has been so interesting to watch them learn and grow differently, but together, as well. I won't name them for sake of privacy, so I'll just refer to them as Boy and Girl.
The first few weeks of school, Girl took care of Boy. Mom was super surprised by this because she said Boy was the more dominant twin of the two and was usually taking care of Girl. However, school threw Boy a curve ball! I sat them close to each other at the table and I say Girl in front of Boy on the rug. Often, I would see Girl reach her hand around and hold Boy's hand when he would get upset. She still managed to pay attention, however! As the weeks wore on, I began to see them make different friends and play separately more and more often. I was glad to see it!
Anyways, this past Friday during prize time, Boy earned his prize, but Girl, however, did not. She hadn't signed in all of her days. :( Well, as soon as I handed Boy his prize, he took it, looked at me, and said, "Mrs. Bailey is it okay if I give my prize to Girl? Because I want her to have it more than me." I think my heart about exploded with butterflies, rainbow, and all things happy and lovey. SO SWEET! And what a pure heart Boy has. Of course I told him that was absolutely fine, and then I gave him another prize because, HAPPINESS!?!?
Once I had time to put my heart back in my chest all I could think of was this:
Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit; but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.--Phillipians 2:3-5
This precious 4 year old boy selflessly gave away something very beloved (a gummy bear is something dearly treasured in the eyes of 4 & 5 year olds) without blinking an eye. I pray I go through each day seeing through the eyes of a child, for they see so much better than mine.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo: A Year of Catch Up

t didn't feel right to just jump right into this blogging thing without doing a quick recap of Life in the Land of Bo before blogging, so here we go.

August 2015

One week new.
One of my very favorite pictures, ever. Brandi Cox uses her camera like a magic wand.
September 2015
Watching his 1st football game with Tuck. Go Dawgs!

October 2015

Otherwise known as, when mom went back to work. 8 weeks of maternity leave flew by.

Babys' First Halloween! Bo the baby dragon and Ella the pink flamingo.
Bryant's + Hutcheson's

November 2015

We celebrate Thanksgiving with Colby's family and Christmas with mine.

Our 1st Thanksgiving as family of 3. 

December 2015

I'm a lover of all things Christmas, so I was super excited for my sweet boy's 1st Christmas! 
We love Santa!
Trying to get a Christmas card picture. #strugglebus
A Baby Changes Everything...

Celebrating Christmas with my bunch. It was very hot here in South Ga that year; hence no socks or shoes on my 4 month old.
February 2016

I have all of 0 pictures from January, so we are sliding right into February.
Valentine's Day say what?!
March 2016

Bo's 1st Easter! He was super happy about it, as you will see.
Happy Easter!
La-La and Poppy loving!

Big smiles for everybody. (My mom, Oma, is 50, btw. Here's to hoping time is that good to me.)

April 2016

April is pretty much summer here, so it was time to get acquainted with the pool.

First time in his blow up pool and he absolutely loved it!
Brandi performed her magic again for Bo's 8 months session. (We were supposed to go at 6 moths but he just wasn't sitting up well enough yet so we put it off until he could.)

May 2016

My birthday month, Mother's Day, and the end of the school year. 3 cheers to that!

Posing with Courtney and Ella after baby dedication on Mother's Day.
We celebrated my birthday by visiting Saint Simons Island (one of my lifelong fave vacation spots) for the weekend. Bo LOVED the beach! 

God knew I needed a good beach baby and he gave me one! :)


                                                                       June 2016

            The first week of June we made 3 hospital visits. But, hey, we all made it out alive!

Bo had tubes placed in his earsdue to his multiple ear infections. It wasn't fun but I can say it has been well worth it. (Btw, this was NOT one of the 3 hospital visits mentioned above.)

3 generations celebrating Colby's 1st Father's Day. Bo, Colby, and Poppy.
Celebrating Ella B's 1st birthday with a watermelon party!


July 2016

This month should really be titled Beach 2016.

The 1st of July, we spent a long weekend on our favorite little island, SSI.

2 cheers for America!

Our 1st 4th of July as a family of 3!

Who loves the beach?!? We, again, traveled to SSI at the end of July for our family vacation with the Hutchesons. It was a super great trip!

August 2016

How fast a year goes by!

Our family pictures at the 1 year mark! Brandi is pure perfection with a camera.

All of Bo's favorite people helped him celebrate turning 1!

September 2016

This boy of mine; he's a ham!

October 2016

The Bryant + Hutcheson Halloween tradition continues...

Mickey & Minnie for the win on Halloween!

We watch Mickey 345,445,647 times a day so this was fitting.

And...we were done with pictures.

November 2016

The cutest turkey I ever did see!

December 2016

This Christmas was so much fun! Still not very cold, but fun!

One of the pictures that was planned for but never happened Christmas cards. Bo says, "That is so funny!"

Celebrating Christmas PJ day with Ella B.

Those 2 fought over Bo's Mickey chair from the time they could walk, so Bo gave Ella her very own Minnie chair for Christmas. This picture is also a small Christmas miracle because 1.) They are both looking and smiling AT THE SAME TIME and 2.) They stopped fighting over the Minnie chair for 2 seconds. 

'Tis the season!

Congratulations! You've made it to the end of this post. Now that I'm all caught up, I feel like I can do random, daily life posts about being a mom to this boy and other stuff. It should be noted, 2016 was a year of learning for Colby and I in our Life in the Land of Bo. Not just in marriage and child rearing, but in life. Nothing terrible or life changing happened, just lots of learning. God taught us a few things and we are better for it. Here's to lots more love, learning and laughter in the Land of Bo in 2017!