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Hey, hey! I’m Bailey and this is my little piece of the internet. I’m a wife to Colby, mama to Bo, teacher to 22 Pre-K kiddos, and a newbie blogger. Actually, I consider myself a newbie in all of those categories. Fingers crossed I’m a pro by year 5. Or 10.
This is the most recent picture I have of me that I'm not holding a baby or in a wedding dress. Everyone, meet Charlie.
Anyway, I’ve been reading several blogs for a few years now, and I thought it might be fun to join in this little world. The original title of this blog was ‘My Boy Mom Blog,’ but, it just didn’t seem to fit all that I was blogging about. So, it’s been renamed to ‘blogging it,’ because, well, that pretty much covers everything, right? If I’m thinking it, experiencing it, or believing it, then I’m blogging it, too. I’m hopeful that you’ll find something beneficial in reading whatever it is you read about; whether it’s a laugh, an idea, or a prayer.
Thanks for stopping by!
P.S. I blogged a few random facts about be a little while ago and in an effort not to be redundant, I’ll point you to it here instead of just blogging it all again. :)  

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