Monday, June 5, 2017

Books & Books

So, I've just finished my 2nd batch of books for this year!
I've read more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years.
Summer is the perfect time for reading for me because I can use nap time & I don't have any shows going on.
I'd love to have a set day for when I'll be posting about the books I've read but I can't promise I'll be done reading by this day or that. So we're just going with it for now.
On to the books....
(Girl is getting her life together in Texas and has no time for love, until she literally walks into it. He knows her, but she doesn't no him. Some confessions are for keeping. :))
Well, I've yet to be let down by Colleen Hoover.
Confess was so good & in true Hoover form, I didn't call some of the curveballs she threw. Courtney said she had more of an idea of what was to come, but I must confess, I did not. :)  
I like how she can twist up a love story with a little tragedy and suspense. I'll be reading one from Hoover every month until I finish them all, I believe.
(Mystery surrounds the deaths of several women who have died in the 'swimming pool,' in this town. All but one of the deaths have been ruled suicide, so it seems like the perfect place to commit a murder and cover it up.)
This was the first dark & twisty book I've read since Girl on the Train. I loved that one, so I thought it appropriate to read Into the Water as my inaugural dark & twisty book this year. While it was good, and I was into it and needed to know what happened, it was my least favorite this month. For one, I felt there were too many characters to keep up with. I like hearing the story from different view points, but not from what felt like 20. I couldn't keep up with who was who and had to go back and re-read sometimes. It got confusing. Also, I had a *pretty* good idea about the ending a good while before I got there. But, I still recommend reading it. 
 (The perfect couple living the perfect life in the perfect house. Life must be perfect for them, right? That's why she's never alone and she doesn't answer the phone and she doesn't work.)
Behind Closed Doors was one of those I had to hear 100 times that I needed to read, but couldn't commit. I kept going back and forth because some people said they couldn't finish it because it was so dark. It was definitely creepy. It was definitely dark. And it was definitely twisty. But I DID like it! It didn't feel as dark & twisty to me as some others, and I guess because you KNEW the who the pyscho was the entire time. He wasn't hiding in plain sight. I get more creeped out wondering who did what and knowing it can be anyone around than knowing who the creeper is. (If that makes sense.) Anyway, if anyone is on the fence about this one like I was, give in & get it! I can't wait for Courtney to finish it so we can talk about it. 
(Hannah has lived in almost every city in the continental U.S. but hasn't found home. So, she decides to return to the one place, or person, who is home; her best friend, Gabby. She has to make a decision leave with Gabby one night at a bar, or stay behind with Ethan, her former, first, and only love. Whatever decision she makes will change her forever.)
Another win! Maybe in Another Life was different in that it gave you the chance to see the 'What if,' that you can't in real life. I LOVED it! I still don't know what decision I wanted Hannah to make, I fell in love with both lives she could've had. 
That's it for now! If you have any recommendations on what I should be reading, please share! 



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