Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: May 2017

{What We're Eating This Week}
I used Mix & Match Mama's Memorial Day Menu for a couple of things this week.
The  Tortellini Pasta Salad is super good & just as Shay said, the perfect summer lunch. I made it Sunday night and have eaten it for lunch since. 
I also made her Mama's Corn Salad for our Memorial Day cook out & it was a hit! 
Tonight, I'm making Chicken Chili Tacos and I've got high hopes for that as well. :)
{What I'm Reminiscing About}
A few things actually...
 Courtney and I had the best time during our Weekend Away.
It's amazing what 2 nights of good sleep and a few meals with no interruptions can do for a Mama's brain!
 Also, SSI 2016 trip is on my mind because...
VACAY in 9 days!!! 

{What We've Been Up To & I'm Loving It}
Swimming, swimming, and more swimming. This little dude is a fish and just loves it! We are already loving what summer is all about; sunshine, a little extra sleep, and lots of swimming!

{What I'm Dreading}
Not a doggone thing!

{What I'm Working On}

I mentioned last week that I got a new job, which means new classroom! I'm working on ideas for the new decor and my first purchase was that teacher life sign from That Inspired Chick! I'm 99.9% I'm going to be ordering a sign or two more before school starts in August. :)

{What I'm Excited About}
Umm..Vacay. In 9 days!!

{What I'm Watching/Reading}
Now that all my TGIT have ended until fall it's time for...
 And I just finished this goodness. Aaagghh! 
Love. Love. Love. It'll be in my next book post.

{What I'm Listening To}
Yep. Still this. 
I finished Serial, and while it was definitely good, UAV is my #1. 
This case is crazy!!
{What I'm Wearing}
It's a toss up between Nike shorts and my bathing suit. 
{What I'm Doing This Weekend}
It's our sissy girl's 2nd birthday celebration! 
She's not mine (but she kind of is) and I honestly have no idea where the time went.
I mean, this just happened. 
{What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month}
Beach. Beach. Beach.
{What Else Is New}
Nothing comes to mind! 

{Favorite Vacay Spot}
Obviously, we love SSI. I've only blogged about it twice now, and we are headed there at least twice more this year. It's the perfect home away from home; it's not a long drive, it's a small town feel, and plenty to keep the babies happy. 
However, I do miss the white sand and crystal clear waters of Destin, Florida! Growing up, our family's vacation destination varied from Destin to Panama City. Not a huge difference in beach, but a difference in atmosphere. I would say Destin has a more family friendly atmosphere. Anyway, our plan is to *hopefully* visit Destin again next year; it's a long haul & tackling that drive with Bo just doesn't seem fun quite yet.

Happy Last Day of May!
(Where IS the year going?!?!)

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  1. I've always loved when people post pictures of their vacations to Florida beaches. THey're so much prettier than the Jersey shore! :) Maybe I'll get there someday!