Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weekend Away

For the past several years, Courtney and I have made it a tradtion (or tried to) to take a weekend for ourselves. Our place of peace? St. Simons Island. I grew up traveling to this sweet little beach and I just love it. It's familiar, but it's different. It's such a neat little place to me and it's just easy living; exactly what vacation should be!
We arrived late Friday afternoon and after unloading we headed to eat in the village. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of our restaurant of choice, Mullet Bay, but it was so good! As a kid, this was always my first choice when deciding where to eat because you get to draw on the tables. And now as an adult, I still love it for that reason, but also because the atmosphere is fun and the food is good. 
I had fish tacos for the first time ever and I think it was my favorite thing all weekend! After eating, we walked to the pier, which is where I took the picture above.
 Saturday morning we slept late, got breakfast, did a little shopping and headed to the beach. Not having to carry our lives with us to the beach is something I appreciated a whole lot. It's been quite a while since I've been to the beach without baby and all belongings.
 Courtney and I talked a little and read a lot. I just finished It Ends With Us and passed it off to her, and I was knee deep into Hopeless (which I loved, too!)
 Right after this picture was taken we, or I, got some free entertainment. St. Simons has a dog friendly beach and usually there are several (well behaved!) dogs around. This day was unlike any other; several dogs around on their secured leashes. Until the owner of the biggest dog on the beach took said dog's collar off. On purpose. Chaos ensued. This dog was friendly, big and WAY excited to be free. He ran through people's things, around people's stuff, and then. 
Then, he peed on Courtney's chair.
While she was sitting in it.
I couldn't breathe and she was unsure how to respond. 
The dog's owner mumbled,"My bad," as he went chasing after crazy dog and Courtney just stood there. Finally, crazy dog was caught and leashed again and the only harm done was the drizzle of pee pee on Court's chair. 
I wish I had it on video.
 That night, we got all dressed up and ate at Crabdaddy's. This is always a restaurant of choice for us when without the babies, because it's one of the nicer restaurants and while I've seen small children there before, there isn't an abundance. It's just a more grown-up type restaurant to me. So, Courtney and I enjoyed breathing between bites and indulging on whatever we wanted. Crabdaddy's never disappoints!
 My wonderful plate of food. I'd love to tell you how great so many things are at Crabdaddy's, but truthfully, I've only ever had the crab cakes. I mean, they are so good that I have to order them every time I go. Crab is also my favorite seafood and if anybody does Crab well, it's Crabdaddy's! The green bean casserole was also delish.
 After supper, we went straight back to the condo, put on our pjs and read our books. I finished my book fairly early and was asleep by 10:30. Courtney was still in the middle of Lily Bloom's life, so she kept on reading. We really cut loose!
Sunday morning we woke up and headed to grab breakfast, but encountered a small delay. Apparently the night before I pulled to far over the parking spot's little stopper thing at the front, and being that we were in a low car, the little stopper thing proceeded to rip off some of what we think was the under bumper if there is such a thing. 
I wish I would've thought to snap a pic of us in the midst of this unfortunate situation, but because the situation was a little stressful in the beginning moments, it slipped my mind. After a few facetimes with Canon, Courtney and I actually fixed the car! Minus the pieces you see in our hands. We weren't sure where those pieces went or how to get them to stay up under the car, and the car looked and drove like it was supposed to, so we were good.
We may or may not have double high-fived each other once or twice after fixing the car. I'm still super proud of us; we did it without a man! Yes, Canon did give us a few tips, but the last thing he said was, if you can't figure it out, just cut off whatever is dragging and we'll worry about it later. Hallelujah, the car returned home with all pieces intact, or at least in or on the car and Colby and Canon righted our wrongs. We decided after this endeavor we should definitely compete on The Amazing Race.

It's funny because when the weekend started, I thought I'd probably skip blogging about it because all we were doing was eating, reading and sleeping. Fear not! We like to keep things interesting.

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