Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Splashing into Summer!

 Hey there, Summer 2017!
We have been living in the pool on the weekends, and now, we'll be there all week long.
Good thing this boy loves it! I expected Bo to enjoy the pool because he loves anything outside, but I had no idea he'd love it so much. So much so that he cries sometimes when I make him get out. And he seems to have no fear; he's already been off the diving board and loves to jump off the side and do his 'trick' on the 'floak.' (Trick being rolling off the float head first into the water.)
 Something that is also cool is his love to play fetch with himself. He will grab any toy that floats, throw it in, and then jump in to get it. Shouting the entire time, "I do it! I do it!" And then when he gets whatever toy he's thrown, he screams, "I did it!"
He also loves to tell me that it's, "Mama's turn. Mama get in."
And of course, I oblige.  
As you can see, he's a little bossy. :)
He loves the swim out, too. Its perfect for him to stand and walk on, and he can jump off of it and climb right back on with no help.
The puddle jumper is as much of a necessity as diapers and food around here. I thought he may not like it, and it did take him a time or two to get used to it. He kept falling forward in it. But once he figured out the freedom it gave him, he was ALL about it!
 This boy of mine. 
I'm so excited for the summer of fun ahead.

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