Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Memory Lane

I consider my childhood to have been pretty sweet. I grew up in the country with plenty of open space and fresh air and plenty of people to keep me company. (I'm the oldest of 4.) 
I was also born in the early 90's so I got the best of the boy bands and Britney. I'm really glad that I don't have to grow up in the modern technology world. I know my younger sister doesn't really know the difference and neither will my children but I'm thankful to be in one of the last generations to experience a more *organic* childhood, maybe? 
Anywho, these are some of things I loved most. 

{Playing School}
From the time I could talk, I wanted to be a teacher. I went through a short stint of wanting to be a Veterinarian and even had my own Pet Vet kit, but I always came back to teacher. This desire stemmed partially from my skills of bossing and also because I like summer. Kids are okay, too. I remember Santa bringing me my first chalkboard and it was one of the most used toys in our house up until I was like, 14. (My brothers enjoyed it as well.) I'd turn our entire play room into a school and my brothers, no, brother, Briley was my class. G wasn't one to really listen or be inside very much. Teachers would ask at the end of every year who wanted to take home worksheets that they had left over and books that were no longer in use. My hand always went up. And Briley went to Pre-K writing his name and knowing some things, thank you very much. 

{Playing Babies}
The only thing I played more than teacher, was playing mama. I LOVED my baby dolls. I had 3 Lee Middleton babies and each one had their own name. None of their names changed, ever. (Abby, Katie Claire and John Carter) They also could fit into real baby clothes and my MawMaw would spoil me by taking me to Wal-Mart to get new outfits for them from time to time. And as my mom had babies and didn't need the extra supplies, she would give them to me. So these dolls were pampered with actual car seats, diapers, bags, bottles, etc. I played with my babies until I reached double digits. More than 10 but less than 13. :) They are now packed up in their boxes for my future daughters.

{Dress Up}
 I also had a pretty stellar dress up collection as little girl. It consisted of all Halloween costumes, old clothes of my mom's and my MawMaw even made lots of costumes for me. (Including that bridal gown!) My MawMaw kept a drawer at her house of my favorite dress up items and I would get dressed and walk down the sidewalk pretending to be in New York and convinced none of the 50 cars driving by would even notice. (I was in high heels, big hats and flouncy skirts. Also, the only one on the sidewalk. A zebra would have blended in better.)

{Shania and Britney}
It was no secret that I adored everything that was Britney and Shania. I was completely dedicated with Britney key chains, Britney posters, a Britney book..
 ...aaanndd even a Britney Spears costume for Halloween. 
I loved Britney dearly up until Slave for You came out and that's when I think my mom started an intervention.
I also remember wishing that Shania Twain's tour bus would break down or have a flat tire right in front of my house so she would have to ask to use our phone or ask us for help. (That could seem  weird, but I was like, 8.) 
In 3rd grade my best friends and I were treated to a Shania Twain concert for good grades. We had terrible seats, but it was the best thing that had ever happened to us. 

Hands down, best boy band. Backstreet was a close 2nd, but they were indeed 2nd. My best friend Ginny loved JC and named her cat after him. (He's 19 and still kicking!) For my 11th birthday, my Uncle took me and 4 friends to an N*SYNC concert. He tried making us leave before they sang Bye Bye Bye in an effort to beat traffic. Obviously, he had never been anywhere with five 11 year old girls and a boy band. 

{Now & Then}
I watched this movie approximately 765,345,987 times between the ages of 7 & 10. Teeny was my favorite teen girl and then when the girls grew up, I wanted to be Chrissy because she had the baby. I knew every word to this movie and it still makes me smile when I watch it today. 

{Homeward Bound}
Oh my word, how I love this movie. I still cry happy tears when Shadow comes over that hill at the end. For years, I asked my parents for a golden retriever and then when I was about 14, I got my wish. I named him what else!?! Shadow. :)  
FYI: Homeward Bound II is also very good! Not the typical sequel.

{Harry Potter} 
In elementary school, I would get in trouble for hurrying through tests so that I could have time to read in class. Harry Potter was hands down my favorite. I read Chamber of Secrets in 2nd grade and was totally hooked, and then read The Sorcerer's Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban the following year. I felt like I grew up with Harry; in the books he was the exact age that I was as I read them. (My roommate gave me the illustrated version of Sorcerer's Stone as a baby gift and I am now going to collect the entire series in those versions. I can NOT wait to read them to my children!)

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  1. You and my oldest daughter must be the same age! I remember taking her to see Shania when she was in the 2nd grade and she was beside herself! And Homeward Bound...oh how that movie makes me cry every single time!

  2. Now & Then was the best movie!!! I always wished I lived where I could really bike places!

  3. Oh my gosh, Shadow coming over the hill. I still SOB and could tear up just thinking about it!! Shania is/was the best.