Monday, May 8, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

Life in the Land of Bo has been pretty sweet lately. Lots of sunshine and lots of smiles. 
We are teaching Bo such wonderful table manners. Here he is hiding in the umbrella on top of the table.
He's so cute though! Who cares if he stands on tables for a little while?!
Posing with Sissy Girl! Still in shock that this happened.
Bo loves to play in this little tree house and as you can see, is really learning to pose on command! (When he feels like it.) Oma told him to lay down and put his hands together and so he did! He looks 4 here and I'm not sure if that's ok.

My baby is doing SO well in the water! He loves to jump in whether anyone is there to catch him or not and he will kick his legs like a maniac laughing the entire time. The puddle jumper is a MUST. It gives him his independence and me a little peace. It's pretty comical to watch him walk around in that thing, too! The arm swimmies can be a *little* restraining.
Boss lady Ella B.
And he gives it right back to her.
Rub-a-dub-dub 2 cuties in the tub! 
Aside from the finger pointing, these 2 have been getting along very well lately. A little more sharing, a little less hitting and some delayed reactions have helped. Knock on wood. ;)
 Courtney and I both agree that the more time they spend together during the week, the better they do. Ella can be kept happy if Bo lets her feed him and give him his juice, and Bo can be kept happy with juice and food so it's a win-win.

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