Monday, May 22, 2017


Bo was born a perfectly healthy baby and continued to be a perfectly healthy and thriving newborn. 
However, his breathing was a little different.
He never turned blue.
He didn't struggle with reflux.
He was always gaining weight and growing.
He just had noisy breathing. 
I noticed it when he was around 2 or 3 weeks old, and my mom mentioned it, too. He didn't make the noise all the time, mostly when he was sleeping and on his back. 
When my mom made mention of it, my response was, "He just needs to clear his throat." 
That is what it sounded like, though! 
So, at our next doctor's appointment, I asked some questions. Of course, Bo wasn't breathing noisily, then.
I kept asking the doctor at each visit up until he was 6 months old. At his 6 month check, he was making the noise while we were in the office. 
His doctor then asked me questions about frequency and when I noticed it most. 
She told me she was almost 100% sure it was Laryngomalacia (Lair-in-joe-malaysia) or a "flimsy windpipe." 
She told me he would grow out of it. 
However, she also suggested we visit a lung specialist to have a chest x-ray. 
Bo was scheduled to have tubes placed in his ears for recurring ear infections and she wanted 100% certainty on his lungs being strong and able to handle the anesthesia.
Also, Colby had childhood asthma and Bo seemed to be a 'cougher,' already. 
We agreed that we checking his little lungs would be beneficial, because babies and anesthesia isn't something to be taken lightly.
So, off to the lung doctor. 
Praise the Lord, Bo's lungs were given 100% clearance and this doctor also said he, too, thought Bo most likely had Laryngomalacia. He told us to mention this to the ENT as well and he could do a quick check while placing the tubes. 
So, we did.
The ENT looked down Bo's esophagus while he was under and said that indeed, Bo's little larynx was a little flappy.
Thankfully, Bo never suffered any discomfort or had any major problems with Laryngomalacia
He was just a noisy breather, and yes, he did grow out of it! I noticed his breathing was less noisy around his first birthday and then I kind of just quit hearing it. 
It's funny because I've met 2 other moms who've mentioned that their little boys have 'rattles in their chest,' but no cough or drainage.
One was told it was acid reflux and the other just talked about the noisy breathing. 
 So I told them what we learned. 
I've also met a mom who's little boy was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia and had to have life saving surgery to correct it. This little boy would quit breathing and turn blue and it took several months to reach this diagnosis. After the surgery, however, no more problems! 
My purpose in writing this post is to put Laryngomalacia on someone's radar that has a baby with 'noisy breathing.' I sure had never heard of it, or heard of anyone who was diagnosed with it. I've learned that it is a very common thing, and is most common in Caucasian males. (Check, check!)
I've learned that more often than not, it self-corrects, or babies grow out of it. 
I've also learned that it can be difficult to diagnose, if you don't really know what you're looking for and your doctor can't hear or see it!  
Isn't it crazy the things you go your whole life not knowing?!
A baby truly changes everything. :) 

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