Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ending or Beginning?

Tomorrow, I will graduate from a very happy place for the fourth and final time. 
The picture above was taken 22 years ago. It is of my co-worker/friend/cousin, and I sitting in our Pre-K classroom.
My first classroom as a student, and my first classroom as a teacher.
Pretty great, right? 
Shannon and I were a part of the first Pre-K class to graduate from our little school, and God worked things out so that we were able to teach at the same school together 22 years later.
This was the first place we were students.
 The first place we were teachers.
I will be forever grateful for our boss, (our once Pre-K teacher!) for hiring us as newbies 3 short years ago. 
Both Shannon and I had a difficult time finding jobs right out of college because everywhere we went, they wanted someone with 'experience.'  
But then we came back to the place where it all began...
It's been so fun. Really, my job is fun.
I don't dread going to work.
I don't wish it by too quickly. (Well, most of the time. ;))
I have loved this little school for the last 3 years and I am going to miss it so very much.
I'm a fan of change.
I'm SO excited for this new adventure.
Getting a job in the local school system has been a prayer of mine for the last 3 years.
Before I did my student teaching, I was weary of grade level above 3rd. The age of the students kind of scared me, not gonna lie. 
Then I was notified I'd be completing my student teaching in a 5th grade Math & Science classroom.
I almost cried. 
I was afraid.
Math was not my favorite subject.
But GOD, God knew better!
Those 5th graders became my absolute favorite. I LOVED the personality and the independence they brought.
And teaching Math? Teaching math was pretty fun, too.
(This note was left on the board as options for students after completing a task. One student added that last point. 15 weeks I spent with them, and they still couldn't spell my name!) After graduating, I dreamed of being a 5th grade teacher, but I would've taken any grade offered.
But GOD, God had a classroom for me already picked out, I just had to wait for it.
The waiting is the hard part, amen?
So while closing the chapter on the little school where I had many beginnings won't be easy, I'm continuously thankful for God's plan.
His are always so much better than mine!
God is good, all the time! 

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