Monday, April 3, 2017

Teacher Stories

So, I don't have a big story to share but a few funny snippets my kiddos have provided the past couple of weeks. 

1.) We were discussing groundhogs back in February, and I asked if groundhogs *really* controlled the weather. All the kids agreed that, no, that was silly. So I asked who they thought controlled the weather. A sweet little boy raised his hand and said, "Mrs. Bailey, does Donald Trump control the weather?" Which then led to a discussion about the President and what decisions he gets to make and then who Hillary was and if she was the President, too. #snowballeffect

2.) My babysitter was sick a few weeks ago, and my mom took turns with me taking off from work to keep Bo. She brought Bo by the school the day she had him, because my kiddos love to see him. (And he loves it, too!) Anyway, we were out on the playground and one of my boys came up and said, "Mrs. Bailey, who is that?" I explained this was my baby, Bo, and that my mom had brought him by to visit. His response? "Well, he looks just like that other baby Bo you got a picture of in our room." 

3.) At drop off one morning, a little girl was upset after her dad left. I told her to sit in the quiet chair until she felt better and wanted to come join the class. Her uncle walked in a few minutes later to drop off his child and asked her why she was crying. Through tears she said, "I'm just trying to get myself together today."

4.) I was discussing 'Beauty and the Beast,' with a group of kiddos and a little girl ran up and excitedly joined our conversation. She told me, "I watched Doody and the Beast this weekend, too!" Of course I had to ask her to say it again while containing my giggles, and then we worked on sounding it out. She said, "B-b-b Doody and the Beast, yeah it was so good!!" So then I had her repeat it to several other teachers throughout the day. I think we finally got to 'Booty' but I'm not 100% on that. ;)

5.) During circle time, we sometimes have a 'share time,' when the kiddos just seem to be really talkative and can't hold it in any longer. I go around to each kiddo and ask them to share anything they'd like with us. Last week, a darling boy told us, "You know you aren't supposed to put your middle finger up in the air at anyone because it means a cuss word." Thank you for that tip! Anybody want to play freeze dance?!

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