Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break

Our Spring Break started off absolutely beautifully. We spent as much time as possible enjoying the sun the first few days. And playing and playing and playing some more.
Playing in the pool.
Playing hide and seek.
And playing with the ‘cool dudes,’ aka sunglasses.
We sent Uncle G off to his very first Prom! Surprisingly, G cooperated better for pics than Mr. Bo. He hadn’t long been awake, so he wasn’t in the mood for anything just yet. 
And on that same day, my best friend of 25+ years came for a visit! Taylor and I (and her little sister, Ginny) have been friends our entire lives. We all live in different places now, and see each other only a few times a year, but it’s like no time has passed when we get together. 
I LOVE the lazy mornings that any school break brings, and so does Bo. Nowhere to go, no rush to get there.  Lots of snuggles.

On Wednesday, we,  yet again, had some nasty weather. Thankfully (and prayerfully!) it wasn’t near as bad as what was predicted. The weather man was throwing out terms such as ‘catastrophic,’ and ‘life or death situations,’ and school was cancelled for surrounding counties. BUT GOD.  God had his hand over our state, and yes, there was some destruction. But nothing catastrophic. I would even say that we’ve had worse thunderstorms than what we saw last week. We did get a bonus earthquake the same day as the storms passed through, but again, no catastrophe. Just good ‘ol Georgia, for ya.
We had planned on going to the beach for a few days at the end of the week, but the storms brought cooler weather, sooo….
We went on a Wild Adventure instead. :) More on that tomorrow.
 Friday we did absolutely nothing but rest. 
And Saturday we paid a visit to little festival where we ran into one of Bo’s most favorite people. Isn’t that the sweetest?!
Then on Sunday afternoon, we met up with Ella B and fam for some fishing. 
Fishing brings about good conversation.
My whole world in one picture.
Bo was really excited to see and touch Daddy’s fish!

And just like that…Spring Break is dunzo. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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