Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Right Now

Right now, Bo sleeps in our bed. 
We had a great night time routine that worked well for him and us. And then he got sick. And one or two nights in our bed started turning into four. And then he started asking for mommy's bed. He'd start off in his bed, and then wake up in the middle of the night, crying for me. And then he fought his bed with every fiber of his being. 
So, right now, Bo sleeps in our bed. 
And I kinda love it. I love laying down at night with him snuggled safely there. I love the way he looks so peaceful. I love the way he reaches for me in his sleep.
 How he somehow finds my hand. Sometimes, my face. 
Right now, Bo's vocabulary is in full bloom.
 Every day he seems to say more and more. "Wook, Mommy, Wook," is a favorite. Also, "Mommy I hide!" He plays with his stuffed animals and little toys as if they are real. Making the noises they should, having the mama chick 'kiss,' the baby. He'll bring me his chicken or Mickey and say, "Rock Rock, Mommy." Or he'll hold it close and saw, "Aww, baby," and pat it as gently as he can. 
And while all of that is so sweet, right now, he is such a boy. 
Everything is a pow-pow, everything is a race. Everything is sometimes a challenge. Changing his diaper. Washing his hair. Getting him to eat. Opening the refrigerator still has to be done very strategically. If he lays an eye on some yogurt or cheese it's ballgame. Walking inside is a fine art as well, "outsigh," is much more appealing. And I get it, I do. But you can't avoid going inside at dark. Or when mommy has to potty. Or cook. Thankfully this spring time weather has given us ample opportunity for supper outside. Less mess and a happy baby. 
Right now, Bo is a mama's boy. (Well, he's always been that.) 9 times out of 10, I'm his first choice for everything. "Mommy hold," doesn't get old. Except sometimes. Sometimes, Mommy can't "hold," while washing her hair. Or doing her make-up. Or driving. Bo has to wait, and Bo is not very good at that.
Right now, Bo says, "G stop!" every time he gets aggravated with something. A ball he can't reach. A blanket he can't pull out of the basket. A cup stuck in his bag. I guess my brother has aggravated him so much that every time something doesn't go his way, he thinks his Uncle G is behind it. If the aggravation level reaches maximum capacity hair pulling will ensue, as well.
Right now, Bo calls Charlie, our dog, 'Amos.' (Pronounced A-mith.) We did have a dog named Amos, but Amos has sadly been gone for a month now. And before Amos was gone, Bo would say 'Arlie and A-mith.' I keep telling him that it's Charlie, but he keeps calling him Amos. 
Right now, Bo loves eggs. And not just the Easter kind. When he sees the egg carton in the fridge, he wants to see the eggs inside. He loves to collect chicken eggs with Colby and to look in all the nests, so I guess that's where the infatuation stems from. He did LOVE finding eggs on Easter. So much so that it was a slight problem because we could only hide so many. Once he found them all he would ask for more. And he was way to smart to let us steal them from his bucket for a re-hide. 

Right now, Bo doesn't like to walk barefoot in the yard. He thinks everything he steps on is ants (pronounced aints). Even when we are inside and he steps on something that sticks to his foot, he starts fussing and says, "Ants, mommy. Ants." He got bitten by an ant once earlier this year, so now we are dealing with ant bite hallucinations. 
Right now, Bo loves to potty. But not in the potty. He'd prefer the tub, the floor, outside, or a person. He tries to potty so much sometimes that he ends up potty-ing more than he expected. Which he then also loves and screams, "POOP!" I know potty training is coming, but right now, can I just enjoy the easiness of diapers? I have a feeling I'm going to see the inside of every bathroom in a 60 mile radius of our house when the time comes. He just likes to potty so much. 
Right now, I'm trying to soak in everything about him. All the cute things he says and the cute ways he says them. All his loves and all his hates. I want to have it etched in memory so that when 'Right Now,' turns into 'Remember When,' I'll have plenty to say.

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