Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Wild Adventure

Which was wilder? The kids or the adventure?  

Wild Adventures is a theme park in Valdosta, and it is one of my favorites. I can’t say that it’s ever felt crowded, it’s always clean, and it’s not spread out all over. It also has something for everyone.  It’s only a short 2 hour drive from us, so we loaded up early that morning for the day. 
We had this bright idea that we could rent a double stroller from the park and the babies would enjoy riding together, we wouldn’t have to worry about one of our strollers being stolen, and I’ve usually found that theme park strollers can be easier to navigate than my own. Yeah, no.  That blew up in our faces. Bo did NOT want to ride in it, let alone sit in it, and Ella didn’t really want to share it, either. So, she rode and he ran/walked/ and I carried him some, too. 
The best part of the park for the babies was the animals.
 Wild Adventures has all kinds of animals that you can see as you walk along this shady wooden path.  Bo would stop and point to each one we came to.
They also have the ‘Bird House.’ It’s this enclosed area with trees and a winding path and numerous birds. You have the option of feeding the birds, so they are all very friendly!
As soon as we got inside Bo said, “Catch Mommy!”  And proceeded to try to catch one.
This little birdie sat there for the longest time as we poked and petted him. (And we didn’t feed him!)
Bo loved it! So much so that as soon as we exited, he stopped and watched us walk away. (You know, because he wouldn’t dare ride in a stroller.) I called for him to come on, and he turned right around, opened the door, and ran back inside saying, “Catch Mommy!” Not sure if he was referring to himself or the birds.
Ella B loved the birdies, too!
Next up, a train ride through the safari animals. On the train you can see wildebeests, a rhino, a giraffe, lots of animals that I can’t remember the names of and the elephant from the Jungle Book!  
Riding the choo-choo with my favorite boy.  I should’ve snapped a few pics of the animals we saw, but as you can see my hands were kind of busy with a little boy and some goldfish.
After our wild safari we visited the petting zoo. Another hit for the babies.
They got to see the goats.
Pet the bunnies.
And visit the chickens.
Ella realllyyy liked those chicks!
Once we wrapped up the animal exhibits, we took a break in a small play area near the kiddie rides. There were several rides that the babies could’ve enjoyed, however, they were terrified. Even the carousel was a no-go.
But, the play area was a hit. I mean, Bo’s favorite part was the rain puddle and stick he found, but he was happy. And yes, my child wore socks with his sandals which looks terribly awful, but he decided to outgrow his tennis shoes that morning and it was a little chilly, so we did what we had to.
Showing off his tricks!
Having a friend that can mom with you is the equivalent of a great therapist, hot bath, and big glass of wine. So thankful to have her. 
Courtney pointed out that this picture sums up their personalities perfectly. It so does.
We wrapped up our day in the gift shop with a quick game of hide-and-seek.
And Bobo was kaput before the car was in reverse. Success….for about 30 ish minutes. ;)
If you're ever near Valdosta, you should definitely make time for a Wild Adventure

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