Thursday, April 6, 2017

We Got Married.

Yesterday's post was about us going to the chapel.
And today, I'm sharing what happened after we got married. 
My most favorite party ever, ever, ever. All my favorite people in one of my favorite places, having a darn good time. I don't mean to brag, but people still come up to us today and tell us how much fun our wedding was. I owe it all to my mom, because the woman knows how to throw a party. ;)

 It's mosquito season in south GA from January to December. We were in a woodsy area near the pond. It was as important as the wine.
 This makes me laugh, because I can't believe we ever planned on leaving at all!
 I had the 'Finally,' sign made by a friend and intended to use it in our engagement pictures. That didn't happen, so I wanted to use it at our wedding somehow. My mom and the florist came up with is. Perfect. (BTW, this set up was pretty much all the florist provided at the reception aside from a few candles and votives on the tables. I didn't want big centerpieces, because they are hard to talk around. So, the bridesmaids put their bouquets on several of the tables and the other tables just had an array of candles. Everything else was my mom and lovely Aunts.
 The back of the bride & groom table; overlooking the dance floor that was planned by mom and assembled by my dad and Colby.
 The front of the bride & groom table.
Our wedding cake. That we never cut, let alone eat! Yep, we skipped the traditional traditions and just danced. My mom came up to me at one point and said, "The photographer wants to know if you want to cut the cake because she's leaving." I told her, "Nope. I'm good. I don't want to kill the mood and turn the music down." Never regretted that decision.
The groom's cake. Colby loves hog hunting and red velvet cake. So, he got a hog made out of red velvet cake. My grandma had a total Steel Magnolias moment when I told her of this plan. She said, "Bailey you are really gonna have a hog cake made out of red velvet?! It's gonna look like it's bleeding everywhere!" (Cake decorators are phenomenal to me! How do they do this stuff?! That thing looks so real.)
One of the most treasured pictures of the night. Our reception was held at my family's farm. (You can see the house back there; it overlooks a beautiful pond.) This place hold so, so many special memories for me, and for my whole family. It's where we had cook outs, celebrated countless birthdays, and spent countless summer days that turned into nights. To be able to celebrate quite possibly THE most special day of my life in this very special place was everything.
I just love this picture and the following as well!
 Dancing with my dad.
 And my fantastic friends put on a dance for me! This happened just after all the 'formal,' dancing (father/daughter/mother/son) and really got the party started!
 Watching 'my' dance. That's my cousin John Ellis (you'll see him again) and Aunt Lisa (the 2nd in command of the whole event) behind us.
Our dance floor was used by everyone!
 My grandma got a dance in with Canon!
 My brother, Briley (Uncle Buddy) and I. You'll notice the hats and sunglasses became a thing. We had a great DJ who brought a prop box.
 So, my cousin John Ellis plays the guitar and signs a little bit. At Christmas, I asked him if he would want to play 'The Good Stuff,' at our reception and he was more than happy to! His older brother Davis was there for support (and attention) and does NOT wear glasses, but found them in the prop box. I love those boys. They were basically my first brothers. (I also love their baby sister Anna Lee who was also one of my bridesmaids!)
And that's my Uncle Chuck. He doesn't like attention.
They are really becoming bothered by the camera at this point.
You'll notice no one is at the tables! EVERYONE was on the dance floor. This is one of the very best pictures from that night!
This picture is funny to me for 2 reasons.
1. Canon became very good friends with many members of my family that night.
2. In the background you can see Colby and Gabe standing right next to him, watching his every move. (Pretty sure Colby became G's hero the very first time he came home with me.)
 The send-off! Did marry George Strait?! That cowboy gave Colby a different personality.
We walked through the doors & turned back around. Time for more dancing! 
So, that was our reception. I'd love to go back in time and relive it just one more time. I'm so thankful for all the people who loved and supported us that day and continue to today. We are so blessed with a tight village!!

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