Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Going To The Chapel

Well, we went to the chapel. 3 years ago today, actually. 
I have been wanting to do a post about our wedding for a while now, and I thought our anniversary would be the perfect time. 
I always knew I wanted to get married during a cool season; spring or fall. And since I graduated from college in December, we decided on spring. I also knew I wanted an evening wedding because I wanted my reception to be at night. So, we had a date for 6:30 on April 5th, 2014.
I mean this when I say it, it couldn't have been a better day. It was one of the best days of my life.
 We were married in the same church as my parents, and also the church I grew up in. From the beginning, I knew I wanted the traditional church wedding. I'm a sentimental/traditional girl, and while there are countless beautiful destinations and barns, plantations and whatever around; it just wasn't for me.
My dress was everything I dreamed of as a little girl. It was actually the last dress I tried on the day we went shopping, and I was hesitant to put it on because we had had no luck. I'm so glad I listened to my mama. :) The dress was actually 6 sizes to big when we bought it, and there was no beading or details. I had a seamstress alter it and she did all the beading by hand; exactly how I described. I was blown away!
 Getting dressed with my girls!
My best friend of 20 years, trying to apply my lipstick. (She got it on my teeth.)
 Colby getting dressed. The boys got dressed in the Youth building (hence the lime green walls) because we didn't see each other at all that day until we took pictures.
The first time G wore a tux. Funny to me.
 The wedding portrait that hangs on our bedroom wall. I was a bundle of nerves until I saw Colby, and then I wasn't nervous anymore.
 I knew I would have a Cathedral veil after watching Will & Kate's wedding. I wasn't 100% sure on the dress, so I asked the sales lady if she had a Cathedral veil I could try just to see how it would look. She told me she had the perfect one and she sure did!
 We were engaged 2 years before we were married, so I had a lot of time to choose colors, dresses, flowers, etc. I probably changed my mind 25 times before I found a picture on Pinterest that sold me. I, as well as my mom, was surprised my girls wouldn't be wearing pink, but I just loved this lilac color. And we brought in pink with the flowers!
This is my favorite picture of the boys!
 Selfie time!
 The actual selfie.
Are they not THE cutest?!? I babysat all 3 of them. Sweet Cam wasn't the most excited because he was supposed to be marrying me, not Colby.
The flower girls' dresses were the 2nd thing I decided on, after my dress and veil. I found a picture on Pinterest and that was it. I've told both moms not to sell them to anyone before me, I'd love to have my daughter's picture made in them one day.
 Sweet brother and sister; Cam & Charlotte.
Beautiful Kendall! (Kendall is Kenley's big sister. Kenley & Bo stay together every day.)
 Tucker is the 2nd favorite babysitter. ;)
A glimpse into our future, perhaps?
The wedding party.
 For the ceremony, I wanted as much candlelight and natural light as I could get. Everything was kept pretty simple. Little votives lined the piano and organ.
 We had lanterns down the aisle.
 And then this was the stage. I knew we had a lot of people to fit up there and I didn't want it to look overcrowded.
 Marriage vows are serious. (After watching Sean and Catherine's wedding I wanted some earrings just like hers. Etsy for the win!!)
 Love. Love. Love.
 Our photographer told me she wanted to make sure to take just a few pics of us after the ceremony and before the reception. She told me that we would be able to tell a difference in our faces in before and after. She was so right! I feel like both us are so much more relaxed here and just plain happy.

So, that was our wedding..3 years ago today. And while it was everything I dreamed, our reception was BETTER than I could've imagined! It deserves a post all on it's own, so I'll be sharing that tomorrow.

*You can check out our photographer here. She no longer does weddings, but all things baby and family.

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