Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites: Easter Edition

Happy Good Friday to you! I love Fridays, but I really love Fridays before special days like Easter.
Easter brings so much hope. 
On my 14th Easter, I made the best decision of my life, and gave my heart to Jesus. And while I love the 'American,' traditions of Easter, I love being in church on Easter morning the very most.
Praying. Hoping. Rejoicing. 
So, while this post contains my favorite 'things,' to fill an Easter basket with this year, I want each of you to know that my most favorite thing (every day of the year!) will not fit in an Easter basket. Or a tomb. 
I should start by saying that I don't use the traditional Easter candy, books, eggs, etc to fill Bo's Easter basket. I like to use this opportunity to buy some junk that he will actually need and use for a little while. 
I actually squealed when I found this gem on Amazon. I don't know why, but I love a flag bathing suit for a little boy. #Merica 
Bathing suits will always be in my kid's Easter baskets.

Before there was Bo, I babysat a little boy who had a pool toy similar to this, and he, as well as all the other 2-3 year olds at the pool, LOVED it. So I knew Bo would need one too. Bonus: It comes in a set of two, so he and Ella B won't be fighting over one all summer. :) 
Beach towels go hand in hand with the bathing suit rule. 

Bo is really into puzzles right now, so this was a no brainer.

Bo also really enjoys looking at books, so I use every excuse I have to buy him a new one. I try to stay away from buying seasonal books, because I just have a thing about reading a Christmas book in July. Can't do it. I thought this one was still Easter-ish without being too Eastery. It's also a board book so it will withstand the trauma from his little hands of terror. 
Bo is on the verge of potty training, and this is cute. He's really into peeing wherever right now, so I'm hoping he'll like the whole aim thing. We shall see! 

That pretty much wraps it up! I also bought a new DVD for the car and I'm thinking that will be the only thing that actually fits in his Easter basket. I'm probably going to stuff everything else in the urinal. Ha! 
And in the spirit of Easter; a look at last year...

Happy Easter, everybody!
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  1. Where did you get that shark pool toy? My boys would love that.