Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017!

Easter 2017 is in the books & I can't believe it! Some bunny wasn't excited about pictures, but he was happy about finding eggs.
 Toddlers on the move are THE hardest to photograph. HOLY GEEZ. I did manage this one. Also, big shout out to my grandma for the assist on Bo's Easter outfit. Somehow, I managed to wait until the week before to decide it was time to find something for him to where. Maw-Maw came to the rescue with a 24 mos jon-jon, so we were living on a prayer, but it worked!
We had to look for the kitty in between takes to avoid melt down central. And why does he look so big here?!
My family on Easter. I don't know why it's so hard for boys to smile for pictures.
Colby's family. Colby's not in pain.
 After lunch and a little rest, we met up with the Hutcheson fam for an egg hunt and supper.
Tucker is always good to have around.
 Bo preferred to use his new sand bucket rather than his Easter basket to collect eggs.
 This boy was an egg finding pro! He would carry his bucket ever so carefully while running so he wouldn't spill his eggs. He was also VERY protective of those eggs. We'd try to sneak an egg or two out to hide them again and he wasn't having it.
 Ella B found eggs and would run to put them in Bo's bucket. She's always taking care of him.
After all the eggs had been found, Bo wanted to hide the eggs himself.
All in the same place. :)
 Ella B had 0 interest in his shenanigans and found an ant to study.
 Courtney said we needed a family picture just for kicks. So we went for it.
These pictures will always be a favorite.
 After the pictures, the sprinklers came on and this quickly became the best part of the day.
 Well, not for sweet EllBell. She just wanted to run around and NOT get wet.
However, this boy was ALL about it!
 He stopped long enough for some Coke from Maw-Maw and then was back at it. 
This day was one of those perfect ones. 
A special Easter morning and church service (that Bo fell asleep during; score!!) family time, perfect weather, and happy babies. It was hard to leave when it was time, because none of us wanted it to be over. 
We're coming for ya, Summer 2k17!

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  1. His Easter outfit is the cutest! Glad you had a good weekend!