Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Before there was Bo...

 There was us.
And since our anniversary is tomorrow, I thought I'd share some parts of our story.

{How We Met}

They say our friends know us better than we know ourselves, and for Colby and I that proved to be true. Two of our close friends began dating each other and soon had the idea to set the two of us up. I had a million reasons as to why this was a bad idea. One being that I've never liked the idea of being "set up,"  as it's always seemed awkward to me. Colby agrees. Also, this boy I would "really like" was from another town. A town that was a good 45 minute drive from my house. I was also leaving for Georgia Southern in the fall and had no intentions of taking any kind of boyfriend with me other than my cat Jasper. 
So I refused the set up offer, as did he.
 (Colby's first trip to Disney. He's so thrilled.)
A few weeks passed and my friend kind of gave up on the idea of the "set up," or so I thought. She and I made plans to go shopping for some girl time. Twenty minutes before we walk out the door she asks, "So do you mind if my boyfriend comes with us? He really needs to go to Bass Pro." I, being the wonderful person that I am, agreed that that was perfectly fine. Then two minutes later, "Oh and Colby is with him and needs to go too. That okay?" This girl was determined. Of course I agreed to that too; as long as it was perfectly clear that this was NOT a date of any kind. He was going with his friend and I was going with mine. Our friends just happened to be going to the same place together that night with us in tow.
 (Our first trip with his parents to SSI; now a summer tradition.)
When the boys got in the car, Colby spoke to our friends, but not to me. (Jerk!?!-that was my first thought.) So, I introduced myself and silently cursed my friend for ever thinking this may be a good idea. We all talked on the way but Colby and I hardly said anything to each other directly. We then had our first disagreement; where to eat?! Imagine that. I voted for Chic-fil-A and he wanted New China Buffet. (More silent curses for my friend.) However, this seemed to break the ice and from that point I felt like the awkardness was gone. We shopped and headed back to home. And then: "Y'all want to go hog hunting?" If I had only known.
(The first and only deer I have killed while hunting. Also almost killed our relationship during this adventure.)
When it was time to leave that night I found myself wondering if I'd ever see him again and what he thought of me. (Cursing myself now because this was DEFINITELY NOT supposed to be happening.) But it did happen. Now, I have the drive from my house to his down to a science. I didn't just date the boy who lived so far away; I married him. I attended two years at Georgia Southern with a boyfriend-turned-fiance and sadly no Jasper. (R.I.P)
(Colby took me back to Disney for Christmas one year. I was super convinced he was going to propose, but I was super wrong.)

{The Proposal}
The proposal was a total surprise for me. We had been looking at rings and I had made it pretty clear as to what I wanted but I had no idea it would be so soon. Once again, two of our close friends played an important role. We spent the weekend before Valentine's Day in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Canon and Courtney. Colby and I got on the subject of engagement rings and I couldn't explain what I wanted without a lot of confusion. (Courtney understood just fine.) So we decided to go shop at the outlet mall to waste time before going to the Dixie Stampede. While we were there, Colby wanted me to show him exactly what I wanted at one of the jewelry stores. It didn't take me long to spot 'the one.' I tried it on and it was perfect and Colby thought so too. We went on to the Dixie Stampede and I tried to get that ring out of my mind. I mean, there was no way he could get that one and I definitely didn't want him to buy it right in front of me. 
(Pigeon Forge!)
The day we left all Canon wanted to do was drive up a mountain so he could see snow, and so we did. On our way back down, Courtney asked if we could again stop by the outlets because she wanted to get something she had seen the day before. The four of us split up; I went with Courtney and Colby with Canon. We spent about twenty or thirty minutes apart and then all met at the car. I thought at first that MAYBE Colby had somehow gotten the ring but we hadn't been apart all that long and Canon was carrying an Under Armour bag so I let it go. (That Under Armour bag provided a very good distraction from my thoughts and Colby's nausea for the next two hours, and also a dareisay, argument piece, for Canon and Courtney?)
Valentine's Day came and I had the idea that we go look at more rings. (The other one was in Tennessee and just not happening I decided.) So we looked around and I told Colby that I was actually glad that he hadn't gotten that one because I could find another one that I would like better. Our date quickly went sour and I couldn't understand why he was all of a sudden so ill. We gave up on the ring shopping and went for sushi.
(On SSI for the first time as a married couple!)
Fast forward two weeks and Colby shows up in Statesboro on a Tuesday afternoon for a surprise visit. Everything went on as normal, we went to eat sushi (yet again) and then I asked if he would help me wash and vacuum out my car. He wanted me to take him back to the apartment so he could nap while I did that but I decided against it. An hour or so later we were back. By this time, it was 7 or 8 at night. We were talking to my roommate for a little while and then Colby decided he was going to get a shower and go to bed. I said okay and kept talking. 30 or so minutes went by and then I went to my room, too. As soon as I opened the door I saw a rose. (What?!) Then I glanced around and saw many more roses all around my room. Oh, boy. This is it!! Then, what if this is a joke? So I asked Colby what was going on and he told me that I needed to find all the roses. (Lucky for him I went in the order he wanted me to!) When I picked up the very last one, there it was!! I looked up and he was on his knee and he asked me to marry him. I was in shock (and was later told I had the dumbest look on my face) but managed to squeak out a "yes." I told him the ring was perfect and he had done so well; it was exactly what I wanted. His reply? "Really, cause two weeks ago you told me you were glad I didn't buy it for you and you hated it." (That was a little dramatic; I never said I hated it.)  We called our family and close friends and then more of my friends came over. Poor Colby, we all sat and talked about weddings until well after midnight! The next day I woke up still in shock and just feeling different. WE WERE GETTING MARRIED!!
(His face every time I want a picture.)

{Present Day}
(Our first married Christmas!)
Our first year of marriage was pretty great. Everybody told us it would be hard, but it really wasn't. Sure, we had some arguments, but nothing major or even one that comes to mind. Our hardest year was the first one with Bo. Becoming a husband and wife is life changing, absolutely. But when you have to be husband and wife and also mom and dad (and still try to be Colby and Bailey, too) it makes things a *little* trickier.  I won't say that we have the hang of it now, because life is ever changing. That is something I've had to learn. Change is constant. And change is good. Colby and I are far from the boy and girl being set up. Far from caring about what an engagement ring looked like. WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT, NOW. I can honestly say, 'we' have gotten sweeter with time. We've had to figure a few things out, but it's only helped us to grow. I love our life together and can't wait for all the crazy years to come.
(The last picture of us before there was Bo.)

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