Monday, March 20, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday: Balancing Life

Holy cow, I can't believe it's time for this link-up with Erika and Shay again! I really enjoyed reading through everybody's posts on Marriage last time, and I'm looking forward to reading through today, too!

My 'job,' is being a teacher. As this little graphic says, we are all a hot mess! I in no way 'have it all together.' And while the rules I have listed below work well for me, they may not for many fellow teachers. I spent my first year at the school until 5:00 or later many afternoons and was constantly planning, prepping, or pinteresting. When I got pregnant, I knew that that wouldn't work when baby came, so I started really working hard on Rule #3 listed below. I got into a good routine and just have stuck with that.

And just FYI, I have not changed grade levels since having Bo, and I think that has been super helpful, too. My lessons and what needs to be done are second nature to me now, so prep time is a little less daunting. I'm sure I'll be rebooting my teacher brain when I'm assigned a new grade level. Still, I plan on following these little rules:

1. Family First- A few weeks ago on This is Us, Beth called 'marriage,' during a discussion with Randall about whether or not he would be at their daughter's chess tournament or his work meeting. I kind of have this rule for myself as well..the 'family' rule. No matter what, my family comes before everything else. Bo is sick again? Well, he's going to need his mom and I'm going to have to unfortunately be absent from school. (And miss the Valentine party, like I did 2 weeks ago!) Yes, I was very sorry that I couldn't be there with my kiddos at school, but my baby needed me more. While parent conferences, parties, and staff meetings are all very important, the flu can't be rescheduled. Which leads me to rule #2...

2. Grace yourself- Give yourself grace. You are not going to have the cleanest house, healthiest supper, and all your work completed every day. Something's gotta give...and that's grace! Forget the clean house and play 'Giddy Up' with your baby. Supper seems too daunting tonight? Pick up Mcdonald's instead. Work load giving you a head ache? Get some sleep and start again tomorrow. It'll still be there. The babies turn into big kids way too quickly.

3. Have a plan (Organization)- While I do 'grace myself,' I also try my best to stay on top things. I have a plan for how I lesson plan and do data/grades at school. This is how my work schedule goes:

On Mondays & Tuesdays, I work on lesson plans.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I enter data (grades) into the system.

Fridays are left over days..whatever needs to be done to prepare for the next week, I do it.

If there is a little extra stuff, I take it home with me to work on over the weekend. I try to use my planning & after school as wisely as I can.

At home, I try to follow this little schedule for cooking:

Sunday through Tuesday, I cook at home.

On Wednesdays we usually have a play date with Ella at our house or hers & pick up something to picnic on.

Thursdays I cook again and Fridays are always take out.

Saturday is take out or finish any left overs.

Also, I try to grocery shop during Bo's nap time on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Now, my cleaning schedule is a little different. We pick up every night before bed, and I do my best to start a load of laundry every morning before work. As far as the deep cleaning goes, it happens when I can fit it in. (I grace myself a lot in this area.) I used to have a need to clean the whole entire house from start to finish in one morning. But after Bo, it just wasn't going to happen. Because I like to sleep or sit down if that's what he's doing. So, I just fit in different chores here and there when I certain schedule.

4. Ask for help- This was something I had to learn to do because I thought I should be able to do it all myself. Clean the house, take care of baby, cook supper, grocery shop, work, and then be happy when my husband got home from his work day. Yeah, no. Colby works late during the week, so I'm on my own for crunch time right now. (Crunch time is 5-until bedtime.) Thankfully, my mom is next door so she or my sister is always around for back up if need be. Also, I have learned how to 'schedule' other things that have to be taken care of when Colby is home rather than try to do them when he is not.

Mom Guilt Bingo, anyone? This is where my biggest struggle is these days. How do I balance being wife, mama and me? I love spending one on one time with my hubby, but I always feel guilty about leaving Bo. It never fails as soon as we are in the car, I'll think about how much time I've spent with him that day/week or if he's having fun wherever I've left him. But then when Colby asks if I'd like to go somewhere just us two and I opt for staying home as a family instead, I feel guilty about that. Because how much quality time have I had with my husband lately?? Not to mention when my girlfriends come up with a fun something or other to do and I'm all in at first but then thoughts of what I'll be missing out on at home creep in. And how can I justify going and doing something for myself when Colby and I haven't had a date night in a month? It's just a give and take..all the time.

I don't think there is some secret to ever escaping the wife/mom guilt game, I think you just do the best you can. (If there IS a secret, please share!) ;)

Here's to a great week!


  1. These are really great tips! And thanks for the laugh on Mom Guilt Bingo. :)

    1. Ha! I thought it was pretty accurate!

  2. Great post! I really appreciated your advice to give yourself grace. As a mother wearing multiple hats, sometimes I find myself trying to do to much and then end up dropping the ball somewhere along the way. Mother guilt seeps in quickly and quietly and it's an nice reminder that we aren't perfect!

    1. I never knew the true meaning of mom guilt until I experienced it firsthand!

  3. I love your tips. I agree with putting family first. As a teacher, do you get a lot of days you can take off? My mom is a teacher and she really can't take off during the year, but she teaches in a small private school so maybe that's part of it. I love the cleaning schedule/grace, very important!

    1. I actually teach in a private school right now, and our sick days do not roll over year to year. So, I only get 10 days a year; use or lose. I've never used even close to all of them until this year with Bo! As a rule, it's easier to teach sick than be absent, but I'm not leaving my sick baby. Thanks for reading!

  4. I love that quote about the season you are in! :)