Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: March 2017

I think blogging has made time move even faster in my world! I can NOT believe it's the last Wednesday in March already. Summer is only 7 weeks away?!?

What We're Eating This Week
Whatever we can. It's the week before Spring Break so I'm a little slack in this department. I see lots of leftovers and take out. :)

What I'm Reminiscing About
This wonderful day! I'm planning on sharing our wedding day (April 5th is our anniversary!) so come back and check it out! 

What I'm Loving
Did someone say Spring?! Winter is okay, but I love spring and summer; lots of outside time! (Ella's face cracks me up in this pic. She's like, "Fine, read the book, I already know my shapes.")

What We've Been Up To
We've been celebrating Colby's birthday for a solid week now. The actual day was last Monday, but Sunday night, he came down with the virus. Before he was sick we went to sushi, and then after he was sick, we celebrated with the Hutcheson's. Finally, this past Sunday we celebrated at my mom's. Do I get this long to celebrate my birthday?!

What I'm Dreading
Not a thing at the moment.

What I'm Working On
End of the year odds and ends. Pre-K graduation is a BIG DEAL. :)

What I'm Excited About
Umm, Spring Break?! Last year our spring break was a bust, because all 3 of us were sick with the virus. YUCK. Poor Colby had the luck of waking up with it on his birthday, but Bo and I have managed to avoid it thus far. Fingers crossed we manage to stay healthy & do a few fun things that we have planned. (Which may or may not include something that starts in B and ends in EACH. !!!)

What I'm Watching/Reading
Now that HTGAWM is done until fall, Survivor will take it's place. This is the other Colby and Bailey show; we never watch it out without the other. We really liked Malcolm and were ticked he was voted off last week! I don't know who our favorite is at the moment because we liked Caleb, too. Aubrey is pretty cool, and Ozzy is in our tops, too. 

What I'm Listening To
I mentioned this podcast about a few weeks ago, and I'm still listening! It's about Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen/teacher, that went missing from a small town in south Georgia 12 years ago. The case was pretty cold and then this podcast happened and 6 months later, 2 arrests have been made. I live about an hour from Ocilla and have always followed this case. Listening to this and having the events play out in present time is pretty crazy. If you are interested in true crime, I'd definitely recommend this. 

What I'm Wearing
Nike shorts are my summer yoga pants. I live in them. They are comfortable and cool and I own too many pair to count. #sorrynotsorry
What I'm Doing this Weekend
It's Uncle G's first prom! 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Courtney and I have a girl's weekend trip planned for the end of April. The last time we did this, we looked like that up there. This is long overdue. ;)

What Else is New
Nothing comes to mind!

Happy Hump Day!! 

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  1. Our littles (and us!) are so ready for spring weather also! So glad that April is upon us and we can resume our normal outdoor activities.