Tuesday, March 21, 2017


 Like every other afternoon, we spent Friday outside and visited some of Bo's favorite things: the chickens. He's holding a 4 week old chick here and it just cracks me up!  He looks so big and so serious about it. He ran after those things for 10 minutes determined to catch one before Colby helped him out. Our little chicken man!

 Saturday was slow and easy...just how I like it! We ran errands as a family and while I was doing something or other, Bo and Daddy were being 'Cool Dudes.' That's what Bo says now when sees sunglasses, "Cool dude!" And then insists that he wear them. 

 Sarturday night we celebrated a friend's 30th birthday. Courtney and I were party/potty partners. Friends don't let friends go alone. ;)

 While we were gone, Bo spent the night at Oma's. I got this snap from Uncle Buddy when I asked if Bo was asleep yet......
Apparently he was on his way to sleep when the Uncles interrupted and deemed him ''not ready." 

And because we never take a pic without a kid; we did just that! Love these people.

Short & sweet but isn't every weekend?!
Courtney and I saw Beauty & The Beast on Sunday and yes, I teared up a little. 
And the tale as old as time in the Bryant household continues to be that a sickness hits on a Sunday...
Colby came down with the stomach bug Sunday night. (Just in time for his birthday yesterday!)
Fingers crossed Mr. Bo and I skip out this time. 

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