Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Embarrassing Moments

Today's topic is Embarrassing Moments.
 ...And I'm sitting here like this. 
Well, I'd really like to think I don't get embarrassed easily. I grew up the oldest of 3 so you name it, it probably happened. We were (still are) a pretty candid/open family and we either were all born with tough skin or grew into it quickly. 
Sure, there were times in my tween/teen years that my brothers and parents probably made my cheeks turn red in front of boys and my friends but nothing that really stands out. There are 6 years between me and my older youngest brother, 9 between me and the middle brother and 13 years between me and my baby sister. So when I brought a boy home for the first time (and anytime after that) it was all eyes on me. Everybody had a question and everybody wanted to talk. (Thankfully the boys that ever came over were very good sports.) 
Colby probably had the hardest time adjusting to being under the microscope of my siblings. The first time he came over there were no less than 6 kids at my house. (My brothers each had a friend or more over on any given weekend.) Colby was an only child and really hadn't been around kids much at all. Nothing like a good culture shock on the 3rd date to test out the romance. ;) 
I remember Colby coming in and greeting my parents, my sister standing and staring at him (she was 6 at the time) and my brothers also staring and firing off questions about his truck/clothes/job. And the questioning was from a place of nosiness rather than being over protective. (I always caught grief from the boys after a break-up; they wondered what I had done wrong because the boy was so nice and fun to play with.)  The next thing I remember is Colby sitting somewhere surrounded by 3 or 4 boys, my sister still staring and looking back and forth between Colby and I, and Gabe (middle brother) literally lifting Colby's shirt sleeves to point and ask him about the tattoo on his shoulder. This is still in the first 15 minutes of walking in the door. Colby just kind of looked at me and laughed and answered their questions as nicely as he could. And yeah, maybe I kind of fed him to the wolves but I had needed to know if whatever we had was of the lasting kind!
When we talk about it now, he tells me he had to 'adjust,' to my house when we first started dating because it was nothing like what he was used to. Now, when we go to my parent's house, I usually lose him after the first 5 minutes because he's gone to do something with one of the three of my siblings. That's what happens in our family, you come in and we adopt you. Plenty of my friends are adopted in as well. Stuffiness never suited us, if you're thirsty, the cups are in the cabinet over the dishwasher and drinks in the fridge. Sit and eat wherever; but you need to be prepared to talk and bring your sense of humor. 
I realize I'm kind of off track with this post, and I'm still trying to remember a really good embarrassing moment. 
I'm only coming up with the time in 9th grade that I aimlessly walked into the wrong classroom, teacher teaching, students writing, and didn't realize I was out of place until I got to the spot where my desk was supposed to be and a very good looking boy was sitting in it. Then I had to walk back across the room totally aware of everyone's stares and my best friend's laughter in the hallway. 
There's probably plenty of things many people would call embarrassing that I'm skipping over...I guess I can thank my brothers and completely functional family for the lack of memories. :) 

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  1. Learning to laugh at yourself is so important! Sounds like you are good at that!! :)