Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

 This boy is smart enough to ask for "Mommy's bed," and cute enough to get his way! I mean, how am I supposed to say no?!? He'll be 20 soon.

 Celebrating Colby's birthday a few days late. Bo loves to blow out the candles & sing!

 My people. (Making it a goal to take more group pics.)

Colby's dad's birthday is 7 days after his. So, on Friday, we celebrated Poppy turning the big 5-0.

 We love cousin Heather! (Bo did have shoes on, but he was convinced they had ants in them, so we took them off. He says 'ants,' anytime something hurts his feet.)

These 2 cuties played SO well together the other day! I think they only snatched and hit like twice. #sharingiscaring

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