Friday, March 3, 2017

Day in the Life {Wacky Wednesday}

My alarm goes off at 5:30 everyday, but I'm usually not getting out of bed until 5:45.

I shower, brush teeth, and then get back in bed to do my eye make-up. Colby's awake by now (6:00) and we usually talk a few minutes before he gets up to get ready.

 Around 6:30ish Bo decides he's ready to see me and beckons me to his room with shouts of "Mommy, out!" (Pronounced A-yout.)

 4 out of 5 days he'll roll around and ask me to cover me with his blanket again and of course, I oblige.
Once Bo decides he's ready, I put him in the chair with his 'bop-bop,' to watch Mickey while I finish getting ready. 

 Colby resurfaces after getting dressed and shows us the new baby chicks fresh from the incubator. And here is where all the tupper ware mysteriously disappears to; chick transportation/animal feeding/anything but what it's designed for.
 By 7:00 we are ready and out the door. Bo is not amused with all the picture taking this morning. Btw, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday this week and Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. This should explain my attire. 

 By 7:25 I've dropped Bo off and am checking in at working. We use a fingerprint scanner which is convenient but also faulty because: technology. (Note: My pictures are slacking because I will never post pictures of my school kiddos on here and well, they are my job. So I had to be intentional with my picture taking and be sure not to get any kids in them.)

11:00 am comes and it is outside time! My lovely co-worker, Shannon, who should celebrate Wacky Wednesday once a week!

12:15 brings lunchtime! The trusty PB&J for the win. Again, not a great picture, but kiddos surround me so this is the best I could do. 

 And by 1:10 ish kiddos are napping and it's work time. I listened to the Trolls soundtrack quietly while I did a few things. A big part of Pre-K is music and movement time and my kiddos love to hear the music from recent movies. I want to be familiar with the songs too, so I justify my listening with #contentresearch. ;)

 At 3:00, kiddos have gone home for the day and the room is quiet and (semi) clean again. I love a vacuumed rug!!

 Wacky Wednesday was over, so I changed clothes before heading out into the real world.

 I leave work around 3:30 ish and sometimes do a few errands before picking up Bo. Today brought a trip to the gas station. 

 At 4:00, Bo is loaded up and ready to see Ella B for traditional Wednesday play date. *Car is in park, you crazies.
We arrive at Ella's and first up is an afternoon snack. Ella loves to feed Bo; she is a little mama all ready! (And Bo loves to eat, so this works well for them.)

After snack time, we took the babies outside to play until supper. I left my phone inside, so no pictures of all the activities. And honestly, even if I'd had my phone, I wouldn't have had a free hand to take a picture with. Those 2 are BUSY! 

 Colby got off at 6:00 and brought supper for us around 6:30. Bo and Ella prefer to feed the puppy rather than themselves. Zaxby's is part of our Wednesday tradition as well. Bo had the grilled cheese and I had a salad.

 At 7:00, we head to the house. Sleepy boy right there! He's shirtless because it was 80 degrees and his shirt was just too dirty to keep wearing. 

 Home and in the bath by 7:20. I love bath time! He's clean, contained, and happy. 

 By 7:40 we have brushed teeth, clean hair and comfy pjs on. The phone was in the way of Mickey and Bo was over the pictures. I lay him down between 7:45-8 every night.

 After Bo's asleep, it's crunch time. Pick up the house and pack Bo's bag for tomorrow, chat with Colby and shower. About 9:30, I got in bed to do my Bible study. Still loving this!

At 10:03, Colby came to bed and I turned on alarms for the next day. Our goal is to be in bed/asleep by 10 each night. We are NOT night owls! 

That's a Day in the Life for us!

This was not the easiest thing to do! I kept forgetting about picture taking and also my job limits the pictures I can take during the day. I'm planning to do a Day in the Life during summer vacation next time. Although it was a little difficult to remember the pictures, I'm glad I did it. It's only been a day but I love that I have an entire day documented during this season of our lives.


  1. So cute! I love Day in the Life posts! I keep meaning to do one but every day I wake up thinking "I'll do one today..." and then it's 10am and I haven't taken a single picture. haha

  2. It was more difficult than I expected but it was fun!