Monday, March 13, 2017

Cheese Biscuits.

Don’t let the title of this post lead you astray; I am not sharing a recipe for cheese biscuits. This is a story involving cheese biscuits, however. 
Everybody knows that when you’re pregnant your emotions range from rainbows out your butt happy to I want to throat punch you mad in a matter of minutes, and you also have food cravings of all kinds. Anyway, this is a story about those feelings mixed with the cravings of cheese biscuits and some sweet tea.
(And the picture above is one of the two I have of Colby and I while pregnant with Bo.)
One day in the early weeks of my pregnancy, I got the very strong craving for Red Lobster’s cheese biscuits and a salad. I also wanted to get dressed in something cute to make myself feel prettier because along with crazy hormones, cravings, and spouts of nausea, the first trimester also gifted me with very oily skin and break outs that resembled the Rocky Mountains. Anyhow, I told Colby of my desires of the day and he agreed that we should go eat at Red Lobster and see a movie after. So we set out to a neighboring town about 45 minutes from us. We arrived at Red Lobster and were told there would be a 45 minute wait. This was bad for two reasons; one being that I was already staving off the nausea with crackers and needed some real food, and the second being that the movie started in an hour and fifteen minutes. Time wasn’t on our side for a Red Lobster dinner. Colby told me we could try another restaurant in town and then still make the movie if we left right then. I agreed this was a good idea but I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be getting those cheese biscuits; as long as we went somewhere where someone would bring me a sweet tea, I could make do.
So, off we went to the next restaurant in hopes of a small wait time and some good sweet tea. Things looked promising when we got there and were told the wait would be about 10 minutes. But, after standing around for 25 minutes with no apparent table in sight, Colby made another offer. He told me we could leave this restaurant, grab something quick to eat in a drive thru and then still make the movie. I agreed, because the movie we were going to see wasn’t showing in our home theatre, and I wasn’t getting my cheese biscuits anyway.
We were in a Wendy’s drive thru when the rage started to build. I could feel it. I told Colby I shouldn’t have let him talk me into leaving Red Lobster in the first place, the whole reason for this trip was those cheese biscuits and we could’ve seen the movie any day. He apologized for making offers that didn’t pan out the way he planned. I told him I wanted to punch the window and he told me to calm down. I told him he didn’t understand that I couldn’t calm down that I was pregnant. We finally got our food and the rage subsided from feelings of I want to punch a window to just a little pissy. Colby told me he was sorry I didn’t get cheese biscuits but at least we were going to make the movie and the hamburger was good.
BUT THEN. Then, we pulled up to the movie theater………..and the movie was sold out. The movie that I had skipped cheese biscuits for.  The movie that I had skipped the second restaurant that would bring me a sweet tea for. The movie that was only playing in this theater and not at home. The movie was SOLD OUT. ?!?*!?!  When Colby told me that, I had to put down my fries and quit eating. And let me tell you, I rarely, *rarely* but down my fries and quit eating when I’m NOT pregnant.  I was so mad I couldn’t even chew. Colby just started driving home and I felt the volcano begin to erupt. I don’t remember what I said, but it wasn’t great and then I started crying and asked Colby if he would bring me back tomorrow to get my cheese biscuits and we could just skip the movie. He told me he couldn’t tomorrow because something or other and I lost control between the tears and rage again. He stopped talking and I called Courtney. I was crying and told her all I freaking wanted out of that night was to sit down somewhere and have someone bring me a sweet tea and a salad and eat those cheese biscuits. And I gave it up for a Wendy’s hamburger that I had to eat in the car to make the movie that was sold out when we got there. 
 Courtney told me she understood and it would be okay and that she would make me some cheese biscuits and bring me some sweet tea if she needed to. I thanked her for the counseling and friendship and Colby and I pretty much rode the rest of the way home in silence.
When I woke up the next morning, Colby told me he was sorry about last night and that we had a lunch date with Canon and Courtney at Red Lobster. I started laughing like, uncontrollably. I laughed and told him I couldn’t believe how crazy I felt last night and that if he could be pregnant he would understand. He said it was going to be a long nine months.  Amen, brother.
So that day at lunch, I got my cheese biscuits and a nice waitress brought me a salad and sweet tea. It was very nice and exactly what I wanted. 
We didn’t even try the movie.
Pregnancy wasn’t always fun and sure didn’t always bring out the best in me. (God Bless Colby Bryant.) But it gave me Bo. And I would do everything just the same 100 times over as long as I still got my sweet boy.
  Cheese biscuits or not. 

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