Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And then I met Bo...

I had never washed and dried a remote/diaper/pair of glasses/sippy cup.
I didn't know what good insurance was.
I didn't know singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle' as loud as possible could ever bring peace (or sleep!) to another.
 I didn't know Mickey Mouse had so many friends and songs.
I had never fished a toothbrush/hairbrush/remote/paci out of the potty.
I didn't know there were so many tasks I was capable of completing in the dark.
I never imagined I'd worry about my kid's feet.
I never imagined I'd worry so much about everything.
I didn't know the real struggle of Daylight Savings time. (On a real note, when is a President gonna do something about THAT dilemma?!)
I never thought I'd opt out of simple things like TGIT shows and eating in favor of sleep.
I wasn't aware the human body could actually function on so little sleep.
I had no idea the beach would be so much better experiencing it with my baby.

I had no idea that every experience would be so much better with my baby.
I didn't expect something as simple as going to Sunday School would pose such a problem to a little person. (Boy has WAY too much stranger danger senses. Whatever, he just really loves his mama.)
I had never experienced heart burn. (Well, actually no, I hadn't met him yet.)
I never knew there were so many things that ended in -itis.
I never thought someone so small could teach me so much.
I didn't know that another person would deepen my love for my husband.
I didn't know so much of my heart was missing.

And then, I met Bo. 

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