Friday, February 24, 2017

Tucker is 13!

Today, I’m skipping the traditional Friday Favorite post because it is my very FAVORITE sister’s birthday!

My baby sister, Tucker Claire, is 13. She’s officially a teenager and I feel like a really proud mom.

But, 13?!?

I was 13 when she was born. And she was just 4 and waking me up every night to walk her to mama and daddy's room because she too scared to go by herself.

I prayed very hard for a sister, for a very long time it seemed. I’ll never forget the day my mom found out Tucker was to be a girl. We’d talked about this doctor’s appointment for weeks and all of us were eagerly anticipating the results. Well, my parents and I were, the boys really didn’t care. Anyway, Mom told me she would come to school and tell me the news once she found out. I was sitting in my 7th grade Language class when the front office buzzed for me to come up there. When I walked in, mom grabbed my hands and said, “I don’t want you to be disappointed and cry so come outside with me.” Unfortunately she was smiling too much for me to REALLY believe her. So we were walking outside to her car and all of a sudden the back window rolled down and a huge “IT’S A GIRL!” balloon came flying out. We clapped and cheered for a few minutes and then I had to go back to class, but I was so pumped! And all my friends were anxiously waiting to hear the news, too.

Tucker is pretty much like my first baby that isn’t really my baby. We have the sister relationship that I always hoped for, but it’s also a little different because of our age difference. She used to really, really love me and follow me and want to do everything with me. Now that she’s all grown up, she thinks I’m stupid a lot, but I’m less embarrassing than our mom. We didn't have the typical sister fights over clothes, jewelry, make-up and what not, but over stuff like not eating what I cooked for her while mama was gone. That seems weird, but it's true. (Her insides are probably made up of Pop-Tarts and Mac and Cheese.)

After my high school graduation and Tucker's Pre-K graduation, mama took us to a celebratory Taylor Swift concert.

With our age difference, you wouldn’t expect us to be as close as we are, or to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. But we are. I was there for her first dance recitals and beauty pageants, I helped her learn to swim and drive. She loved going to pick out prom, homecoming and of course, the wedding dress with me. She was THE most excited person when I told her I was engaged, she loved visiting me at college and watching me graduate. Although college was sad for both of us. I can’t tell you the Sundays that she cried when I would leave (and I would, too.) When it was Thanksgiving or Christmas break, she would ask how many Sundays I had left before I had to leave again. Needless to say, she was as excited as I was at my college graduation!

Riding home with me after college graduation. My car was full of apartment junk and excitement.

Tucker is not a girly girl, yet she likes to do her make-up and dress up. I’d say she’s pretty well rounded as far as being girly and also hanging with the boys. She’s the baby, so she’s used to playing catch up to everyone else and will not stand for being left out. Colby and my brothers can get her to do anything for them because she’s afraid she’ll miss something if she doesn’t. For example, Colby might say “Hey, Bailey, you want to help me move some chicken pens?” My response is a definite no. But Tucker? Yep, she’s in. And 30 minutes later when she comes back, she’s looking for drinks and a snack that somebody requested she get for them.

I can’t really tell you what Tucker loves and what she doesn’t love, because she’s pretty much game for whatever anybody’s doing. Except trying new foods; she’s a super picky eater. And she’d rather skip the movie theater and ‘do something fun,’ instead. She’s a great babysitter; she’s a baby lover like every other girl in our family. Countless times we’ve been going to visit someone with a baby and in the car she’ll say, “I’m holding the baby first, Bailey, and don’t take him/her away after 5 minutes.” And she’ll still argue that it hasn’t been long enough after 15 minutes.

And Bo. Bo and Tucker are a whole other sweet thing that I just love.

All of my friends love her. I mean, she was just always there. Hangin’ out…being Tuck. Yes, sometimes it was annoying, but not always. Her presence always insured entertainment.

She’s got her own style and she’s my go-to when I need to know if something looks good or not. She’s the best shopping partner because, like me, we don’t like to waste time. (Our mom will spend an hour on one aisle and then circle back to it two more times before she’s ready to go.) She’s honest and she’s sensitive. She’s sweet and she’s tough. She’s the best little sister I could’ve ever imagined and I’m so glad she’s mine. I just can’t believe she’s 13. 

Happy Birthday, Tuck. 


  1. Happy birthday to your sister!! What a beauty!

  2. Oh my goodness! You two are spitting images of each other! Love her name too! Happy Birthday, Tucker!

    1. Ha! We get that a lot! It's funny, many people say that Bo favors her as well. Which makes sense, because he looks like me, so he kind of looks like Tuck, too. Thank you!

  3. what a sweet relationship!

  4. This is so sweet!! My sister is nine years younger than me and I share a lot of the same sentiments!! It's a big age gap but I think it's so fun! I also love that your mom surprised you at school. That's awesome.