Monday, February 27, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

After we were done with the flu, we had to pay a visit to our sweet Ella B! These 2 love to sit on the window sill side by side. (She's sitting, he's standing..he's not THAT much bigger than she is.) While they were sitting there Bo looked at me and said, "Cheese!" So I had to take their picture as requested! I love the way Ella is looking at him. I posted about this sweet little friendship last week. You can read it here.

Mama got a Sunday afternoon to herself, so Daddy and Uncle G were left in charge. While I was getting dressed in my room, I heard G reading to Bo on the monitor. I snuck back in there to get this sweet pic. Few and far between moments like this for 'ol G! Bo has a way of getting what he wants, though. ;)

Another play date will Ella B and Can-Can (Tan Tan as Bo says). Canon rode those 2 on the lawnmower for 30 minutes. All around the was pretty comical and the babies loved it!

Bo's babysitter got sick so he got to spend the day with Oma. I got this pic after they paid a visit to Wal-Mart.

Pop Pop has taught Bo how to blow the duck call. He LOVES it. Mama said when he spent the night a few weeks ago he stood up in his bed on Saturday morning doing his hand on his mouth saying Pop Pop. Nothing like a 6 am wake up (duck) call!

Bo is also loving this Mickey hat. I bought it for him because he is obsessed with wearing his daddy's hat, so I thought he'd like one of his own. And he does! I can't believe he leaves it on for any length of time, but he does!

 Sunday afternoon we ate cake and ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to our Tuck. Ella B was there for the fun, too!

This just makes me laugh.

So Court and I leave the babies alone with their daddies for no less than an hour and I get this picture. Bo on a roof. Well, he didn't get up there by himself, now did he? No, Canon and Colby pushed the trampoline up next to the house and were climbing on the roof and jumping back onto the trampoline. I'm told the babies thought it was hilarious and Bo kept wanting to get up there, so he got his wish.
He has 0 fear. And I guess Colby does as well.

And might I add, *TA-DA!* I got a blog design & I just love it! When I started this blog, I gave myself a requirement of one month of blogging to #1 see if I stuck with it and #2 give myself time to check out other blogs and look around for a design I liked. I recently started reading That Inspired Chick and thought her design was too cute! She pointed me in the direction of the very lovely Kelsey. And everything was SO EASY! If you're looking for a new design I highly, HIGHLY recommend Kelsey. She's basically the Fairy Godmother of blog design.

Also, if you aren't new around here, you realize that I've renamed my blog. I just think 'blogging it' is more fitting, because if I'm thinking it, experiencing it, or believing it, then I'm blogging it, too!

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