Monday, February 20, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

This post should be titled: The week of the flu. Be prepared for lots of pics in pjs. Last Sunday afternoon, Bo started running a pretty nice temp. I knew it was more than nothing, because I couldn't get it to break. Tylenol and Motrin would bring it down, but he still kept a low fever all through the night. So, off to the doctor we went on Monday morning...

This is how we felt about the flu at first.

But, then we felt more like this because we were getting lots of extra Mama and Bo time! And there's nothing a little sweet tea and grilled cheese can't fix!

We spent lots of time rocking and watching Mickey Mouse.

And also playing in mama's bed.

After Bo's fever broke that first day, he acted completely normal. He did break out in a rash but the doctor assured me it was from the fever and also a very common symptom of the flu in small children. I'm just thankful he rebounded so quickly. (I'm told we caught it in the magic window and got that Tamiflu working before the flu got in full swing.)

My boy loves outside, so that's pretty much where we stayed unless he was napping, eating, or rocking.

And by Thursday morning, I was headed back to work and Bo back to the babysitter! He was so happy to go see his best buddy Kenley. (Also, I don't do breakfast during the week because: time. So, if Bo wakes up wanting to eat, he gets his pick of junk food. This day his choice was a honey bun. #nutrition

That's a little Little Life in the Land of Bo! I'm so very thankful for great doctors and a healthy baby. The Lord knows how anxious I am when my baby is sick, and He took care of us this week!!

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