Monday, February 6, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

Life in the Land of Bo


Life in the Land of Bo this past week has been a little different. But, when is life ever 'normal?' ;)

Colby left early last Sunday morning to work out of town for the week. So, that meant lots of Mama & Bo (&Tucker) time! Bo is a Mama's Boy through and through. And I don't mind one bit...

We've had some pretty stellar weather this week, which meant extra outside time. Flipping through a magazine on the swing while watching Bo play was slight perfection. (It felt more like March than the end of January!)

Bo is only still when sleeping. Until, that is, Tucker scratches his back with the sand rake. 
He sat there (and then laid there) for almost 5 minutes letting her scratch his back. 

With Colby gone, we ate several suppers at Oma's house. One of Bo's favorite thing is his farm animal puzzle. Note: Bo is shirtless because I've made it a point to allot 1 outfit per day unless a natural disaster occurs. Usually after supper we lose the shirt and sometimes the pants because they are just too dirty to keep wearing. I'm sorry, but my laundry pile is big enough with the one outfit & pj's a day. I see little need for a fresh clean shirt at 3:00 in the afternoon...just keep wearing the one with the ravioli until supper and you can add some yogurt and what not to it. 

Bo loved sitting in the little rides at the mall! Only sitting, he didn't want to be in them if they were moving. He did okay with Tucker in there with him but just for a minute. 

Ella and Bo have mastered the art of turning the light off and on. One stands in the chair flickering it for a minute, and then the other has a turn. 

 One of those times our pants were just too dirty to keep wearing...

Happy 6th Birthday, Korbin! Korbin is Kenley's big brother. (Bo and Kenley stay together during the week.)

True Love!

Watching these two together always makes me laugh. She's always looking after him and he's always chasing after her. 

Bo loves Korbin, too! Korbin had a hunting themed party and all the older boys brought Nerf guns and shot up everything in sight. Somehow Bo snagged one when someone wasn't looking and carried the 'pow-pow,' around until we left. I guess we'll be investing in one of those sooner than I thought!

That's it this week for Life in the Land of Bo!

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