Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

We've been working away in Pre-k this week making Valentine crafts and they are some of my favorites!

Our class takes an annual field trip to the post office and we make little Valentine's for the kids to mail during our visit. This little love bug was the mail craft this year.

I've tried to do a directed drawing each month with my kiddos, and I LOVE how they turn out. Each picture is unique with it's own personality AND it's the kids work; it completely belongs to them. (I got this month's idea from HERE.)

I've kind of tweaked the directions for what works for me and my kids each time, and I've found it best to do half the class one day, and half the class the next. The kids do really well with these and parents seem to really like them, too! Bonus: We are practicing following directions as well as strengthening those fine motor skills!

Two Foods are favorites this week...

Okay, so I finally made the Cream Cheese Caramel Surprise for our Super Bowel get together and Holy Guacamole it really is the bomb dot com. And it was SO EASY!! Everybody loved it and couldn't believe it only had 3 ingredients. Also, I read where people were asking how to keep apple slices fresh after cutting them and I just took the easy way and bought the already sliced apples in the bag. They were fresh & delish & didn't turn brown.

Next to the Holy Goodness pictured above, these were the next best thing.

I wish I had a beautiful picture like this of mine, but alas, I do not. Colby loved these so much, he asked if we could have them for supper once a week. Not that this recipe isn't perfect, but I want to try making some sort of casserole with everything BUT the crescent rolls. (I don't think eating 4 crescent rolls in one sitting will do much for our waist lines). ;)
Both of those were so super easy to make, I know I'll be making them again and again. And if you haven't already, TRY THEM!

This is everything right now, because hello sick season:

Last week, Bo's babysitter got sick with the virus after keeping him all day. :( :( I just knew we were sitting ducks. However, some teacher friends told me to go buy this juice and drink as much as we could stand. They said it would help to lessen the symptoms if we did get sick or even better, help the virus skip us all together. Maybe it was the juice or maybe it the Good Lord above, but we didn't get sick!!! I now keep a bottle of this stuff in my fridge for emergencies. Plus, Bo seemed to like it and it's full of good vitamins, so why not? I would recommend not over doing it and drinking too much, because doing that could upset your tummy, too. Like it says above, I drank a small glass over ice 3 times a day.
*I'm told you need to buy that exact juice pictured to get the desired results.*
**If you are already having symptoms from the virus, I'm sorry but your doomed, so just drink your Gatorade and God speed.**

My favorite verse this week:

I ordered the Armor of God after Shay recommended it, and I am loving it! Also, I found the graphic above here & I'm loving that site, too! I love seeing God's word displayed so creatively.

**P.S.-I'm always on the search for a great Bible study, so if you have any feel free to share!

Happy Weekend!!
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  1. I really miss doing those fun little crafts with the kids when I did daycare, holidays are so fun! Hope you all skip the sickies, one of mine was down and out this week and we leave for Mexico next week.. ALL THE FINGERS CROSSED!!

  2. Those craft Valentine's are so sweet :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Such cute crafts! And oh my goodness my mouth is watering thinking about that food! Yum!