Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

First Up, this:

Maybe I'm a day late and dollar short to this ballgame, but this store got all the heart eyes from me! If there's an Ollie's near you, GO THERE. They have everything from devotionals, to door knobs, to shampoo to area rugs. I kept walking around the store and was more amazed with every step I took. It's like a dollar store on steroids with a little Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. And things were really bargainly (if that's a word) priced. Books were $2.99!!!!!!

And then I found this book in Ollie's!

If you haven't heard this song you either lived under a rock in 2012/2013 ish or you were busy. Anyway, Colby sings this song all the time to Bo because we are constantly talking about animal sounds. We can ask Bo, "What does the Fox say?" And he'll say, "Ting ting ting." So when I saw this book, I freaked. Who knew? Ollie did, I guess.

Uncle Buddy is a favorite this week!

Colby has been gone all week for work, and staying alone is another thing that should be added to the list of things I don't do. So, I asked my sweet big little brother to come and stay with us at night. Bo loved waking up every day and watching Mickey with his Buddy!

These are my favorite favorite!

I love these yoga pants so much, I bought 3 pair! I found 2 pair in black and 1 pair in navy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Love the higher waist band, love the fit and feel, love the length. These are the best yoga pants I have found...and I have found a few. :)

And I'll end things here:

I wrote this verse down on the 25th, it was in my devotional for the 26th, and I actually studied that particular devotional on the 29th. Sometimes our God is subtle, and sometimes, He is not. :) Yes, we face many trials and troubles on Earth, but it's nothing that He can't handle; that He hasn't ALREADY handled. I'm super guilty of being a big worry-wart and trying to come up with solutions to problems that I might/could/don't have. I need the reminder that as a believer and follower of Jesus, HE IS IN CONTROL. He has already won the battle! I've read that verse over and over and it brings peace to my heart; as it was meant to.

Here's to the weekend!
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  1. How sweet of your Brother to come stay with y'all :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. He is a sweetie. Same to you :) Love your blog by the way!!

  2. I've never heard of those leggings, going to check them out! love that your brother stays with you...LOVE that verse! I am going to add it to my planner. Every week I chose a verse to write down in my planner and love to focus on that all week. Have a great weekend!!