Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ella & Bo

There are many perks to being pregnant alongside your best friend. You can compare notes on things such as stretch marks and acid reflux, crazy raging hormone stories, what does and does not work for nausea and thoughts about punching your husband in the face. You have someone who understands exactly what you’re going through at the exact same time. Pregnant/Mom veterans are always great to have around, but having someone walking through the muddy waters with you lessens your burden A LOT. That’s part of the reason I’m thankful for Ella. Because she made her mom be a crazy pregnant woman at the same time Bo made me a crazy pregnant woman. And that is where the story of Ella and Bo began…in the womb. 
Courtney called me one day at work and told me how bad she felt, how sore her boobs were and that she was 3 days late. I immediately began hop skipping around and telling her she was pregnant. We made a plan that she would come to my house and take the test. So she did, and then she made me read the results. She started crying and I started screaming. It was so fun! 
2 months later, I called her, told her how my boobs were sore, and I was late. I really didn’t think I was pregnant, but she convinced me to take a test. At her house. 1 hour before my Christmas work party. So, I did, and I was pregnant. We had the same freak out sesh at her house as we had had at mine 2 months prior. Then, I had to go to the party for 2 hours and pretend life was normal. Talk about a mess. 
So, time rolled on, and we found out about Ella being an Ella and Bo being a Bo. We planned, cried, and vomited our way through the next 7 months together. And then we met sweet Ella. Courtney and I agreed at the start of all this that we would each be in the room when Bo and Ella were born. We had done pregnancy together, couldn't leave each other hangin' for labor and delivery!

Although, Courtney made labor and delivery look like running 3 miles would’ve been more daunting. Seriously, the girl didn’t even break out in sweat. Her hair was still curled and her make up flawless. And she had the most beautiful baby girl with the biggest bright eyes.
I’m so thankful Courtney and Canon let me share in that life changing experience with them. It was truly something I’ll never forget.

Then 2 months later, it was my turn. But, Bo was not as pushy to enter this world as Ella had been. He was content to keep on cooking. After being induced and an overnight wait in the hospital, nothing was happening. Bo was born via c-section and it was perfect for us. (Seriously, I had a dream c-section and recovery.)


Another great perk about being pregnant alongside your best friend is that you not only have someone to share in your pregnancy with, but also someone to go through Mommyhood with as well. Which lasts a whole lot longer than being pregnant. ;)

Just like every pregnancy is very different, so is every baby. Ella had trouble with acid reflux at first and didn’t breastfeed. Bo was a breastfeeding champ. Ella slept through the night at 8 weeks and Bo got the hang of it around 12 months. Bo was more ‘flexible’ as Courtney once said, about sleeping, whereas Ella did the best with the same routine and circumstances. (Bo would sleep on the beach and *sometimes* in the car, and I could also rock him to sleep.) Ella preferred to be laid down with a noise machine and left alone with no distractions. Ella likes the nursery at church, and Bo thinks I’ve abandoned him forever.

But while they are different, Courtney and I knew we could call on each other for advice, venting sessions, doctor visits, etc. And more often than not, one of us was saying, “Yep, he/she did that and then we did this and this happened.” Or, one of us is freaking out about something and the other has to tell her to

Another reason I love little Ella B? She makes Bo so happy. When those 2 are together, they will play and play. (And fight over cups/shoes/toys, but mostly play.) Courtney and I have both called on each other to come over and play when Ella or Bo was just having a day. And as soon as they are together, smooth sailing.

When we pull out of the drive way, Bo will say, “Ella?” (Pronounced Eh-ya.) Like, “Are we going to Ella’s house?” And Courtney says as soon as she pulls in our driveway Ella screams, “BoBo!!” When you ask Ella what her name is she says, “BoBo.” I have one of Ella’s pink cups at our house and if I give it Bo with juice he always points to it and nods saying “Ella,” until I tell him that yes, that Ella’s cup.
Ella is like the little mama and Bo the kid who’s always up to something. We’ve been out to eat and Bo would do something like throw food on the floor and Ella will point at him saying, “Uh Uh. No no!”

I’m afraid one day they are going to get in trouble and the response we will get when we ask why they did this or that will be, “Bo told me to.” Because right now, Ella watches every move he makes and then usually follows suit. (Except for the throwing food part, she can dip her fries in ranch more meticulously than the Queen of England.)

While Court and I were pregnant, we talked about how we hoped our babies would grow to be friends and love each other. While we prayed it would work out the way we wanted it to, I don’t think either of us expected it to be as sweet as it is.


  1. Oh my goodness! How sweet is this post?! It has to be so wonderful going through pregnancy with your best friend! We're the babies both your firsts?

    1. It was wonderful! Yes, they are our are firsts! We hope we can coordinate our 2nd together, too. :)