Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bo Loves...

After sharing a few of my loves yesterday, I thought I'd share some things that Bo has all the heart eyes for...

Bo loves most any book, but give him a book filled with animals and he'll sit for a while! He loves all the big pictures this book has and the array of animals. We read this book

Bo has always enjoyed these knob puzzles, too. We started with the one above and now he has several that have 6-10 different pieces. I think he likes the knobs because they are easier for him to manipulate.

This dinosaur..heaven help us. It's that toy that is always going off when you don't want it to and I find the pieces of 'food' everywhere. Bo loves it, though! He loves putting the food in the dino's mouth and then getting it out of his belly. Now, he tries to put the food in mine and Colby's mouth and then lifts our shirts to get it out of our bellies. He thinks it's hilarious!

This Mickey tool set is a love as well. All he wants is the basket and the hammer, however. He has 3 hammers at the moment but the one with Mickey is a must have! (And hello other toy with 1,000 pieces.)

This is MY favorite thing Bo has at the moment. (He loves it, too!) This thing is what FINALLY convinced Bo that his car seat didn't have nails in it. He used to hate to ride, but this has been our saving grace. (Keeping a box of honey buns in the car helps alot, too.) I read the reviews on this and some people said it didn't last very long. So I debated on it for a while, but, if it happens to die tomorrow I will buy another one. And another one. It really has helped that much!

Bo loves his pie-pie, too! He's a fan of the mam brand. (Bottles, too!) These are just cute and match lots of stuff without covering his whole face. Plus, they make glow in the dark ones. Score!! We couldn't do without our paci.

Mamas out there, is there something we are missing? Please share if you've found something your little one loves!


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