Monday, January 30, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo

Here's a little peak into Life in the Land of Bo over the last week or so..

We took a family trip to Wal-Mart; I walked away to grab wipes and came back to this. Bo loved that hat!

A normal weekend morning at the Bryant house..Bo in 'his' chair, juice in hand with a tasty breakfast of Scooby snacks while watching Mickey.

Uncle G taught Bo how to drink from the dog's water bowl. Sound effects and everything.

Bo stays at a neighbor's house during the week while I'm at work. He loves playing with sweet Kenley everyday! (He thinks he's as big as she is.)

Life is hard when Mom stops pushing your swing to take a picture!

Having a tea party with Ella B!

Marking this picture as a 'W' in my book. Both babies looking at the same time!

The best thing at Oma's house is her sprinkle cabinet..
..And that's all I got!