Monday, January 23, 2017

Life in the Land of Bo: A Year of Catch Up

t didn't feel right to just jump right into this blogging thing without doing a quick recap of Life in the Land of Bo before blogging, so here we go.

August 2015

One week new.
One of my very favorite pictures, ever. Brandi Cox uses her camera like a magic wand.
September 2015
Watching his 1st football game with Tuck. Go Dawgs!

October 2015

Otherwise known as, when mom went back to work. 8 weeks of maternity leave flew by.

Babys' First Halloween! Bo the baby dragon and Ella the pink flamingo.
Bryant's + Hutcheson's

November 2015

We celebrate Thanksgiving with Colby's family and Christmas with mine.

Our 1st Thanksgiving as family of 3. 

December 2015

I'm a lover of all things Christmas, so I was super excited for my sweet boy's 1st Christmas! 
We love Santa!
Trying to get a Christmas card picture. #strugglebus
A Baby Changes Everything...

Celebrating Christmas with my bunch. It was very hot here in South Ga that year; hence no socks or shoes on my 4 month old.
February 2016

I have all of 0 pictures from January, so we are sliding right into February.
Valentine's Day say what?!
March 2016

Bo's 1st Easter! He was super happy about it, as you will see.
Happy Easter!
La-La and Poppy loving!

Big smiles for everybody. (My mom, Oma, is 50, btw. Here's to hoping time is that good to me.)

April 2016

April is pretty much summer here, so it was time to get acquainted with the pool.

First time in his blow up pool and he absolutely loved it!
Brandi performed her magic again for Bo's 8 months session. (We were supposed to go at 6 moths but he just wasn't sitting up well enough yet so we put it off until he could.)

May 2016

My birthday month, Mother's Day, and the end of the school year. 3 cheers to that!

Posing with Courtney and Ella after baby dedication on Mother's Day.
We celebrated my birthday by visiting Saint Simons Island (one of my lifelong fave vacation spots) for the weekend. Bo LOVED the beach! 

God knew I needed a good beach baby and he gave me one! :)


                                                                       June 2016

            The first week of June we made 3 hospital visits. But, hey, we all made it out alive!

Bo had tubes placed in his earsdue to his multiple ear infections. It wasn't fun but I can say it has been well worth it. (Btw, this was NOT one of the 3 hospital visits mentioned above.)

3 generations celebrating Colby's 1st Father's Day. Bo, Colby, and Poppy.
Celebrating Ella B's 1st birthday with a watermelon party!


July 2016

This month should really be titled Beach 2016.

The 1st of July, we spent a long weekend on our favorite little island, SSI.

2 cheers for America!

Our 1st 4th of July as a family of 3!

Who loves the beach?!? We, again, traveled to SSI at the end of July for our family vacation with the Hutchesons. It was a super great trip!

August 2016

How fast a year goes by!

Our family pictures at the 1 year mark! Brandi is pure perfection with a camera.

All of Bo's favorite people helped him celebrate turning 1!

September 2016

This boy of mine; he's a ham!

October 2016

The Bryant + Hutcheson Halloween tradition continues...

Mickey & Minnie for the win on Halloween!

We watch Mickey 345,445,647 times a day so this was fitting.

And...we were done with pictures.

November 2016

The cutest turkey I ever did see!

December 2016

This Christmas was so much fun! Still not very cold, but fun!

One of the pictures that was planned for but never happened Christmas cards. Bo says, "That is so funny!"

Celebrating Christmas PJ day with Ella B.

Those 2 fought over Bo's Mickey chair from the time they could walk, so Bo gave Ella her very own Minnie chair for Christmas. This picture is also a small Christmas miracle because 1.) They are both looking and smiling AT THE SAME TIME and 2.) They stopped fighting over the Minnie chair for 2 seconds. 

'Tis the season!

Congratulations! You've made it to the end of this post. Now that I'm all caught up, I feel like I can do random, daily life posts about being a mom to this boy and other stuff. It should be noted, 2016 was a year of learning for Colby and I in our Life in the Land of Bo. Not just in marriage and child rearing, but in life. Nothing terrible or life changing happened, just lots of learning. God taught us a few things and we are better for it. Here's to lots more love, learning and laughter in the Land of Bo in 2017!  

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