Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites: Bo Edition

It's Friday Favorites: Bo Edition!

January 2017

Every once in a blue moon, I intend to make Friday Favorites all about Bo.
What is his favorite t.v show at the moment?
New Words?
And anything extra...
And today, I'm doing just that!

Bo's Favorite T.V. Show

We've loved Mickey Mouse for quite a while now. Every morning, Colby or I get Bo out of bed, change his diaper and then rock him while he drinks his milk and watches "Middie." Every night before bed, he drinks his milk and we rock and watch "Middie," until he gets really still or falls asleep. And any random time during the day he is known to ask to watch, "Middie." I've DVR'd all the new Mickey and The Roadster Racers and we've watched a few, but it doesn't compete with the clubhouse gang!

Bo's Favorite Food 

He continues to love yogurt and cheese.
And of course, a Zaxby's grilled cheese.
Still hates a pea.
Still hates a green bean.
(To the point of picking it out of his mouth when I mix it with mashed potatoes or his macaroni.)

Bo's Favorite Words

Just this week, he's learned 'potty,' (pa-tee). He loves to point to it and say it while he takes a bath each night, and shake his head yes, while saying it. As if to say, "Yes, that's the potty."
He's also started saying 'good,' after he puts anything in his mouth, and looking at me. Stick, toy, sand, or food, he'll put it in his mouth, look at me and say, "good."
He's picked up the habit of saying 'now,' after we do anything. For instance, I'll say, "Bring your shoes to me and we'll go outside." He'll go and get them and I'll put them on and he stands up and says, "Now." Like, "Now, then, we are ready."

Bo's Favorite Tricks

Doing whatever this is. Sometimes when he gets in a giggly spell, he'll start standing on his head and laughing like crazy. Or when Tucker starts doing cartwheels, he'll do this. He's very proud, he claps for himself afterwards.

Bo's Favorite Things to Do 

Jump on the trampoline and ride his tractor, or ride Pop-Pop's tractor.
He's really into jumping right now, whether it be on the trampoline, couch, bed, or me. He'll just climb up and say, "Jump, Jump, Jump," while jumping on whatever it is. He jumped straight off the couch yesterday and thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world.

Bo's Favorite Toys

He has several, of course, but the most unusual one is this.

This little clown statue was given to me by a sweet student. I keep it in a cabinet just in Bo's reach. One day, I noticed him walking around with it and then I started watching him go to the cabinet and place it either in his chair, or on one of his riding toys. When he's done with it, he always puts it back in the cabinet.

He loves to drive his clown around! I can't believe the thing isn't broken yet.

Anything Extra....
A favorite thing of mine about Bo at the moment is, Colby or I can ask him, "Where's Bailey?" or "Where's Colby?" And he will point to whomever we are asking about. Colby just randomly did this one day and we were amazed that he knew our real names! I'll tell him to say 'Bailey,' and it's just the cutest thing.
Another thing he's recently started doing when I pick him up from the babysitter, Mom's house or wherever, he will come to me and say "Mama!!" with the biggest smile and ask for me to pick him up. Then he leans into me and (sort of) hugs me and says, "Mama!!" again. Melt my heart.

Love him, so much.

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  1. What a doll! Our middle guy is a Beau and a blondie. What a fun age!

  2. he is the cutest :) My little one loves Mickey Too
    Happy Friday Chelsea @